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By Michael H. Brown

There it was all over the news last week: the attorney general of New York State, Elliot Spitzer, was issuing subpoenas to New York's crisis pregnancy centers. According to the subpoenas, Spitzer's initial investigation revealed that the centers "may have violated one or more ... statutes by misrepresenting the services they provide, diagnosing pregnancy and advising persons on medical options without being licensed to do so, and/or providing deceptive and inaccurate medical information." In other words, there was a clamp-down on those who promoted pro-life alternatives to abortion.

At the same time, the new mayor of New York City itself, Michael Bloomberg, shocked pro-lifers by openly declaring only days after taking office his intention to make abortion training a standard part of obstetricians-gynecologists training in the city's public hospitals. 

I don't like to be negative, and I know these men, in measure, mean well; I've seen the attorney general courageously take on other issues. But knowingly or unknowingly the tolerance and even promotion of evil that got the United States in trouble to begin with -- the evil that has attacked that great city -- is now looming again.

We have left ourselves open. Our spiritual guard is down. It's not just abortion. It's our greed. It's our pride. It's our materialism.

Nothing angers God more than killing the young and when that happens He lifts His protection. He allows events to come as warnings, chastisement, and purification. It's phenomenal how after September 11 the media was able to intimidate so many to stop mentioning this -- to halt their claims that what occurred was tied to our moral state.

Let me declare so here. Let me say that precisely such figures into major events. And let me say that more is on the way for the entire nation. If there is no respect for life in the womb -- for a human when it is at its most vulnerable -- why should God protect those who promote such a lack of respect and indeed hold such near-disdain for His creation?

I lost one of my closest friends in life at the World Trade Center. Do we have to lose more? Will there be more victims? Do more have to die -- people who may be innocent themselves -- because of the moral tenor of a state, city, or nation?

There are terrific people in New York City. I used to live there. I still have many friends in the metropolitan area. And they are heroes. There are prayer groups that are trying to save that place and the Pope himself was there a few years back praying with this great city. Moreover, the events of September 11 brought out the love and humility in many. Italian missionary Father Giuseppe Cogo, who has lived here for 43 years, said that New Yorkers have rediscovered the need for God after the attacks. "To say that everything will be as it was before would be to hide behind a mask," Father Cogo, who works at Our Lady of Pompeii Parish near the Empire State Building, told Zenit News Service. "Consciences have been profoundly shaken here, to the point that peoples' faces are no longer what they used to be."

At the same time, too much of the city has gone back to business as usual. There has been a near-defiance in many quarters -- from City Hall to Wall Street. There was a rush to get back to the central idea of making money before the Trade Center was even cleaned up -- before the remains of victims like my friend were even hauled out of there.

There was little moral introspection by public officials.

And so now there is more danger. It's not just the Trade Center. The area has seen a plane crash since that time and just yesterday there was an unusual brushfire across the river in New Jersey that raised the anxiety quotient again and these are warnings. We must heed them. The church where Father Cogo preached was named after Pompeii. Let's take that into consideration. It was at Pompeii in A.D. 62 that an earthquake shook all the pagan temples in town -- destroying a good number of them -- as a warning. This was the Roman Empire and it tolerated fornication, infanticide -- and abortion.

This was the Roman Empire, and it was where a volcano called Vesuvius erupted a short time later.

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