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From The Mailbag: In The Present Dark Is The Potent Intervention Of Archangels

By Michael H. Brown

Just because the feast of the archangels is over doesn't mean we should stop invoking them. In fact, just the opposite is true. We're approaching the most intense period each year of spiritual warfare.

The conflict is not only in society -- in the form of abortion and cloning and lewdness, in the occult -- but also in our personal lives.

There is much spiritual attack, and that's where the angels come in: protecting against things like the occult, but also in intervening in our daily lives.

A woman who "died" and came back claims to have seen with her own eyes how prayer works -- and how anxious angels are to assist us.

She allegedly witnessed the action of what she called “warring angels.”  

Although we each have guardian angels, she pointed out, it was also shown to her that there are times when the Warring Angels are necessary -- and that this help is invoked only through prayer.

She saw them as “giant men, very muscularly built,” magnificent spirits with a wonderful countenance about them. What set them apart was their total confidence. They were certain of their abilities.

Nothing evil could daunt them. “I understood simply by looking at them that to struggle against them would be an act of futility,” said this woman from the state of Washington. “They were actually dressed like warriors, in head dress and armor, and I saw that they moved more swiftly than other angels.”

As they rushed off on a mission, she was moved by their looks of concern. They knew the importance of what they were doing, and they also knew that they would not return until the mission was accomplished.

Then there is the testimony of Teresa Brownlee of  California. Do you have a severe problem in your family? Do you have a real crisis with evil -- or at least some kind of threat?

She will testify to one remedy! It involved an incident in 1996 with her son, who she described at the time as “on crack cocaine, very, very ill and dangerous." It shows how real the angelic intervention is -- no matter the intensity of evil. 

“He had weapons and was preparing to kill a doctor and his dealer when his wife called me and I raced at almost 100 miles per hour to get to them to help her,” Teresa wrote us.

“I went into a room where he was in the dark loading a very dangerous sawed-off shotgun and other weapons.  I was horrified and began to pray over him when I felt something that came out of him and swirled around me, the presence of evil, which was extremely strong.  I had not gone to Mass that day (it was during the week and I work), and was guided by the Holy Spirit to leave the room.

"The presence was so strong it almost knocked me over!  Without the sacraments in me, I knew I had no weapons to go against this thing of evil. 

“I had tried to pray over my son and he picked up the phone, ripped it out of the wall, and threw it against the wall to break it.  I fled the room in tears and as my daughter-in-law was fleeing the house, I dropped to my knees and begged our God to please send St. Michael the Archangel and his army to stop my son! 

“I continually prayed and pleaded with no knowledge of anything around me.  I stayed in prayer for about twenty minutes when all of a sudden, my son came out of the room and spoke in a gentle voice, ‘I am ready to go to the hospital now’!  His wife came back in from the car and stood her ground and said, ‘Are you sure?  I will not put up with anymore of your violence, I will call the police and there is the risk they will shoot you.’  He affirmed that he would go in peace and his voice had completely changed!

"When she got him to the hospital, the director of Knollwood Hospital in Riverside asked him why he decided to come for help and he told him the following account:

"‘I was going to kill my dealer and a doctor who refused to help because of insurance difficulties.  I am on days of crack cocaine.  My mother tried to stop me and I even had thoughts to hurt her.  But when she left the room, I tried to load my sawed-off snake charmer [a form of a shotgun], and each time I approached the chamber with the bullet, it would fly out of my finger.  I could not load the gun for anything.  I felt a change come over me and gave up.  That is why I am here!’ 

Notes Teresa: “This all happened while I was on my knees begging Almighty God to send Saint Michael to stop him.

"The director of the hospital said, ‘Well, that sounds like divine intervention to me!’ My son is now serving fifteen years in prison.  He was finally arrested and it was all on television.  My prayers for his salvation are being answered.  Our Lady saved him on August 22, 1999, her feast day of Queenship! The journey here is one of Calvary and the walk can be very difficult, after Jesus and His Mother. But oh how privileged we are to be able to walk behind them.  I encourage all parents to pray, pray, and pray for their families. Never give up!  The Lord hears our prayers. His mighty angels will assist us. ”

October 2004


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