Chief Rome exorcist says he wants to cast devil out of archbishop married by Reverend Sun Moon

Last week The New York Post reported that the Vatican's chief exorcist says he wants to drive the devil out of the Catholic archbishop who shocked the Church by getting married last month. Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo "has been possessed by the devil -- that's why he took a wife," Father Gabriele Amorth was quoted by the newspaper as telling a supermarket tabloid.

Archbishop Milingo married a Korean woman in a ceremony performed by Reverend Sun Myung Moon on May 27 at the New York Hilton [see BBC report]. Father Amorth -- author of a bestselling book on exorcism [see An Exorcist Tells His Story] -- was quoted as calling Milingo, known himself as an expert at deliverance, "an extraordinary exorcist and a stunning faith healer" who "challenged Satan too many times in thousands of exorcisms, and in the first moment of weakness, Satan took possession of him and led him into this grotesque wedding."

Father Amorth offered to exorcise the archbishop over the phone and said, "We still hope to have our brother Milingo back with us."

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