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Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, who recently made international news for marrying a Korean woman, has been linked with an alleged visionary whose experiences began in the archbishop's official Rome residence.

According to a website devoted to the apparitions, Jesus appeared to a Kenyan seer, Anna Ali (now a nun), at Milingo's residence in early August of 1987. "Jesus has continued to appear to Sister Anna Ali since His initial appearance in August 1987," notes the website. "During His appearances, He shares with Sister Anna His anguish today, and requests prayers and atonement for the sins of His beloved priests and those consecrated to Him."

The apparitions often occurred at three a.m. The seer, who became a nun in an order founded by the archbishop, snapped photos that claimed to show Jesus and as we recall in one the image had luminous red eyes. On the feast of Corpus Christi, 1988, says the website, He materialized to Sister Anna Ali in tears of blood. According to Sister Anna, Jesus "came with His own light. He was enveloped in light, which was of the same hue of the sky when it is deeply blue. His presence illuminated the whole room. He wore a red tunic (the colour of blood), with wide sleeves. He has shining dark hair. He gave me a message and on His instruction I started writing down the messages...The first message was written on 8 September, 1987."

It was last May that Archbishop Milingo married Korean acupuncturist Maria Sung in a ceremony conducted by Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Before that the archbishop had been reigned in by the Vatican for flamboyant healing and exorcism services. His marriage created a crisis at the Vatican, which threatened excommunication if the bishop broke his vow of celibacy. Last week, however, Milingo affirmed that he planned to return to the Church and renounced the marriage. The miraculous turnabout came after a meeting with Pope John Paul II. (Please pray for his complete rehabilitation.) 

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