After Life by Michael Brown
What happens when we die? How are we judged? What's it like in Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory ? Revelations, near-death accounts, and a reawakening to what life means! A hopeful book, a serious book, one that you and loved ones won't forget as you take a look at the final destination: eternity. (Bestseller) We strongly recommend "An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory," available below for a nominal sum, as an invaluable and astonishing companion book (revelations of a nun in purgatory). CLICK HERE


by Michael H. Brown

She was one of the first to see the Virgin. She is an intelligent, humorous, and sophisticated seer -- perhaps the most urbane of the Medjugorje visionaries -- and has also been one of the most hidden. But as Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo rises to the forefront -- as she meets more and more pilgrims, as her mission to the public has grown in recent times -- it is also apparent that this talented and gracious woman has a mission of tremendous gravity. She has been given among the weightiest "secrets." Indeed, indications are that all of her secrets pertain to the world or the Church (as opposed to some seers whose secrets may include many matters that are personal), and she told me last week that none of her secrets have changed or been lessened. Where in the 1980s it was announced that part of the seventh (at some point it was said the eighth) had been mitigated due to fasting and prayer, she told me that since that time neither the dates of the secrets nor the extent of her secrets have been altered, including the last two, which she has always described as serious.

"Once Blessed Mary spoke to me and said, 'Yes, this part of the secret is changed, but I can not ask any time more for the secrets,' " said Mirjana. "[The Virgin said] 'the secrets are secrets and they must happen as they are.' She only said it is not possible to change the secrets more." 

Mirjana, who knows the dates of each secret, says those deadlines have not been altered in any way.

But it is Mirjana's view that the world has somewhat improved since 1981. Emphasizing that this is her own opinion (not anything the Virgin told her), she said she believes such is true because there are more prayer groups. But she leaves no doubt that it is a "time of decision." 

In coming days we'll have more on what Mirjana said -- especially her spiritual advice. She has important words of encouragement. And she always emphasizes that there should not be a focus on the secrets -- but on the message of prayer, fasting, conversion, peace, and love. 

We watched her during a monthly apparition on July 2. (Where three of the six seers at Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina still receive daily visits from Mary, Mirjana's daily experiences stopped in 1983 and now she receives them on a monthly basis.) The apparition began at about 9:39 a.m. Croatian time and lasted five minutes. It started during a song between the second and third decades of a Rosary. Just before the Virgin came Mirjana began to take occasional deep breaths, sighed several times, and rubbed her eyes as she prayed with simple wood beads. Then suddenly her eyes teared as she looked up, first very serious, but within a minute or two smiling, although still very intent. She nodded and at times squinted as if trying to understand Mary, who she said appears with a great background of blue, with all else disappearing. The visionary said the visit pertained to the secrets and thus there was no public message. After the apparition she looked fatigued and emotionally spent; it took her two hours to recover.

Mirjana also recounted to me a 1987 private visit with the Pope at his vacation residence. She is the only seer who has had a private meeting and it lasted just ten minutes. "We talked normal, but he didn't ask anything about secrets. He asked only about Blessed Mary. He was funny because he thought that Polish and Croatian are similar and he was talking Polish and I didn't understand. I was so enraptured being in front of the Holy Father that I was looking at him and crying and he was talking in Polish and I didn't have the force to tell him I don't understand. Then I asked him to speak Italian, and then we tried Italian. He didn't ask very much, really. He kept looking and asking some questions and then he said, 'If I wasn't the Holy Father, I would already be in Medjugorje.'"

More later...

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