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The panic over a 'monkey-man' in India has grown more mysterious as police say there are no physical clues from a "creature" that has supposedly been stalking people in New Delhi. 

"After an intensive search in which some 3,000 extra officers were put on the case, police said they had come up empty-handed in their quest for the so-called monkey man," according to Reuters. "'If there are no physical clues, then it has to be the product of a fertile mind,' assistant police commissioner Rajiv Ranjan said. 'It's nothing but fear psychosis.'"

That may be. It may be hysteria. It may also be a prank, or even a criminal. But we note the worship of a monkey "god" in India (Lord Hanuman), and we also note that last year similar "creatures" caused a panic. 

And indeed there has been an outbreak of demonism in the midst of earthquakes and Christian persecution and other upheaval across India -- steeped as it is in occultism. 

Last summer in Mochi Para, Loot Para, Jaruadih, and Rasikpur were similar tales of an "invisible" assailant called the Murkatwa that was haunting the night and causing such fear that people in remote areas like Godda and Sahebganj were fleeing to West Bengal.

For years we have heard of spiritual problems in India -- which may trace its origins to ancient Egypt and Babylon. We have heard of possession. People thrashed on the ground. They went into convulsions. It's said that powders (or prasaads) dedicated to kali -- a violent, snarling goddess -- were slipped into food of the unsuspecting. "The devas who are worshipped as gods and goddesses by pagans are actually devils because, in hundreds of cases of exorcisms, I have come across these devas or devils under various names confessing against their wills that they are coming from the depths of hell," a priest named Robert Lewis, who is stationed near Ajmer, wrote us some time ago.

Could this tie into the "monkey-man"?

Could it link to the Murkatwa?

Or is it all just a prank?

All we know for now is that reports of the creature attacking people at random have triggered panic in the city of 13 million and led to at least three deaths. Dozens of other residents complained they were injured by the "monkey man." Descriptions of the nocturnal entity have varied wildly -- with some saying it was a monkey-like creature with metallic claws while others said it was like a cat with tawny, glowing eyes, according to Reuters, which reported one witness who said it had "flaming eyes and green lights on its chest." 

Stay tuned...

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