About 3 a.m. (unedited and left anonymous)

Dear Spirit Daily,

I have also been waking just past 3:00 a.m. and recently, I woke at exactly 3:03 a.m. I have noticed a few stories of 3:03 a.m. wakeups and I'm wondering if there is any significance to that time?? I had a very frightening experience during one of these wake-ups which I didn't know what to make of until I read some of the stories you have posted. I woke up from a frightening "dream" about the devil. After I woke up, my husband, who talks a lot in his sleep, spoke one single word out loud very clearly, and that word was "devil". I was totally freaked, so I jumped out of bed, blessed myself with holy water, grabbed my rosary and started to pray for the souls who were in most danger of being lost. It was amazing how quickly peace replaced my fear once I started praying the Rosary and I eventually fell back asleep. I questioned myself as to whether I had imagined the whole thing, but after reading some of the letters posted here, I don't think I imagined it at all.

Just thought I would add my experience. Thanks.


Dear Michael:
This is such a revelation. It's wonderful to read that SO MANY are being called upon to pray at the hour of Mercy - and for so many varying reasons. Besides myself, I knew of one other, a friend, for which the 3 A.M. "wake up call" has been a way of life for her! Little did I know that this is a wide spread phenomenon! I think it is GREAT! How absolutely wonderful is the way in which the Holy Spirit works in our lives. What a privilege - what a gift!

Yes, for over 3 years now, I often wake up at the 3 o'clock hour, get up and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, for it is the hour of Mercy; the hour Jesus died on the Cross. For me the "reason" has always been to pray for those who are dying and have not reconciled with God and have not asked forgiveness for their sins. I ask Jesus, to let it be as though I am at the bedside of these dying persons, because of Our Lord's wonderful promise for those who have someone praying the Chaplet at their bedside when they are dying. Because I desire it so much, I truly believe that He honors my request 

I would like input about the number 11. I see it everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE ! It started with 11:11 on the car clock back in the mid 80's and hasn't stopped. I constantly see 111 or 1:11 or 11:11 or any time combination; i.e.11 min. past the hour [7:11]. I see 111, very often, on license plates. I'm either seeing it or 'hearing' it. Clock times in movies like 12:11 or 10:11 etc.; in commercials; on TV shows: i.e. child is 11 yrs. old, etc., etc. It makes me think of the ominous "eleventh hour" - denotes urgency.... It's eerie; the feeling of "time is short". I don't like seeing it! 

So, just wondering if 'anyone' else experiences the number 11 in these various combinations and when looking at the time. I experience this many times daily! =:-( ugh! However, I do like seeing number of the Trinity, 3:33 ! :-))

This afternoon, for the first time that I can remember, I saw 4:44 P.M. It made me chuckle! I remembered reading about the person who always sees 444.

In His Divine Mercy and Love,


I thought I'd toss in my two cents.

I awoke last night between 3:00 and 3:30 am and remembered a dream in which I saw a vision of an entire family beginning to burn in hell. The scene started with the whole family watching a pornographic picture on television. As the flames began to consume the room and the people the head of the household, a male, stopped to inhale from what appeared to be a bong or some sort of drug paraphernalia. The whole family appeared more interested in saving their material possessions or addictions than themselves.

I see now that the dream was a very direct caution about the influence of television on the family and also that I should have begun to pray for others.

Like most of your readers I sprinkled holy water around the room, I did say a few Hail Mary's to help me get back to sleep, but I neglected to pray for the souls who are ignorant of the negative power of television.

I have made a commitment to pray for others rather than just be concerned about getting back to sleep. 


Dear Michael-
I have woken up virtually everyday of my life around 3:oo AM. Because this was so usual for me, I thought everyone had this experience. The first time I remember this happening, I was about 4 years old and woke to have my heart beating rapidly because I thought the "devil" was standing near my bed. When I finally was able to call for my mother, she told me that anytime I woke up during the night, from a bad dream or, later, insomnia, I was to start saying "Hail Mary's" and whatever was causing the problem would go away. When my children started having problems falling asleep, they were taught to do the same. Now, after reading about the 3AM phenomena, the only problem I have is that I start to pray and more often than not, fall asleep. Interestingly, I always sleep the deepest after this time.


Dear Michael,
I don't know where to start, first of all I was awoken just this early morning at 3:03am, I cannot even believe that this is happening. I grabbed my rosary that is on the night stand and turned on the light, I was very frightened!! I began saying the chaplet of mercy. I could not go back to sleep until 5am , I was so disturbed and scared! I kept saying over and over Jesus's name. I have been prompted to pray in this way for about the last 3 or 4 months. What does this all mean? I will keep up to date with your website, and new information. Thank you for bringing this subject to light for us.


I had a very unusual experience in the middle of the night, about two years ago. I awoke, which is not an uncommon thing with me, and I laid there for a while trying to go back to sleep. My mind kept wandering, and all of a sudden I thought of a friend of my husband's, and his face kept popping into my mind. I thought, boy, he hasn't looked too good lately, I think I'd better pray for him. I said a rosary (or Divine Mercy I can't remember which,) for him, and then went off to sleep. 

The next night, when I got home from work, my husband said to me, "you will never guess what happened to Bob last night, he almost died." I asked what happened, and he told me that Bob had had a reaction to a new blood pressure medicine, and his tongue swelled up to the point that it was strangulating him. They took him to the emergency room, and worked on him all night. He was ok, the next day, thanks be to God. 

I don't know who woke me from sleep, but I think it was either his angel or mine, I couldn't believe that happened. Many other times, I wake at the three o'clock hour, and I now know that someone somewhere is in need of my prayers, and I pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for who ever God needs it for. 

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