Doctor claims that before birth some babies have near-death experiences

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         Dr. Melvin Morse, a medical doctor from Seattle, says that he has found instances of near-death experiences in babies soon after or even before they were born. 

         "This one woman told me in detail about her recurring dream, one in which she finds herself floating out of her body and entering into a bright light," writes Dr. Morse. "She said that the dream is vivid and one that constantly reminds her of God. She also said that during the dream she has the sensation of being dead, although she has never really been sick in her life. In her dream she is drawn out of her body through a dark tunnel and enters into a beautiful and brightly lit place that makes her feel secure. While in this place she has a sense of understanding all of life, yet the precise nature of this understanding escapes her when she awakens."

         Morse, who conducted what he called a "transformations" study of those who've had brushes with, says he soon learned that when the woman's mother was eight months pregnant the placenta separated and the baby nearly died during birth. 

         If expanded with further documentation the research has tremendous implications in the abortion debate, especially indications that some of the experiences are "pre-natal." Are there actually instances in which babies that nearly died in the womb later recollected heaven images? Are they like adults who have "died" and come back?

         We warn as always that near-death experiences must be discerned. Like other alleged phenomena they can be the product of psychological artifacts or contain New Age contamination. But such episodes have been recorded in the Christian Church since the fourth century (when Pope Gregory the Great took such accounts down), and often jibe with what we have learned from saints, seers, and holy mystics.

          "A surprise finding of the transformations study is that infants may be able to experiences near-death experiences," says Morse in Transformed by the Light. "I was able to document several in the study, with the youngest being four months of age."

         We'll be following this up with further details shortly. Morse's study, conducted in the 1990s, is almost certain to have since yielded more clues. Like adults, those with memories of near-death experiences as babies describe a terrific feeling of peace. "All I remember is seeing a very bright light all around me," said one man who "died" at the age of four months, "and having an intense feeling of love."

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