The Scriptural Rosary
Based on the original rosary, this incredibly powerful prayer includes all fifteen decades with a biblical meditation for each bead, we recommend this form of the rosary above all others as a potent source of grace and protection.  This rosary has origins in the psalms of David and brings us to the deepest mysteries of Mary and Christ.   Hardcover. Highest recommendation! It's packed with power because it has 150 little passages from the Bible and involves 15 recitations of the Lord's Prayer and 150 Hail Marys.


EWTN, the Catholic cable network, has issued the following statement on Mother Angelica, its founder, who suffered a second stroke on Christmas Eve (following a milder one last September and a broken arm in a fall in December):

"Doctors treating Mother Angelica for a stroke in a Birmingham hospital say her condition remains serious, but they hope to upgrade her status within the next 24 hours. Doctors said she is more alert now and is resting comfortably. Mother Angelica suffered her second stroke in three months on Christmas Eve, and after a two-hour operation to remove a blood clot from her brain, she remained in critical condition throughout the week. The doctors also reported that Mother's vital signs are stable but she is still in intensive care.

The Mother Vicar of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, Sister Mary Catherine, said she is gratified that so many thousands of well wishers continue to telephone and email EWTN offering prayers for Mother's complete recovery, and that priests all around the world are offering Masses for her and that prayer groups, families and individuals are praying Rosaries for her. "Prayers are what Mother Angelica needs now more than anything else," Sister Mary Catherine said.

[Another report has indicated that she is able to move her head and arm a little; we'll keep you posted] 

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