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Are novelists, screenwriters, producers, and directors in touch, at times, with a force that's  beyond the natural?

Sometimes, life seems to imitate art. Or so it appears. Artists can be prophets.

There are peculiar things.

Famously, there was the novella by Morgan Robertson about a massive, "unsinkable" ship -- called "Titan" -- that hits an iceberg in the North Atlantic (and sinks)! The novella was called Futility -- and it appeared fourteen years before the Titanic sunk.

In 1979, The China Syndrome, a movie about a nuclear accident, was released just two days before the nuclear disaster at Three-Mile Island.

More recently there is the fact that the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, took place during the premiere showing of a "Batman" movie (The Dark Knight Rises) that included a building with a sign atop that said, "Aurora." It also mentioned "Sandy Hook."

And so forth.

If so -- if the Big Screen is often a reflection of what's happening (or will happen), in the world, especially in our culture -- one might take note of the slew of current or soon-to-be releases that are based on towering demonic-looking images.

There is Godzilla.

In this new movie are creatures called "M.U.T.O.'s," or massive unidentified terrestrial organisms (above, left) that perfectly resemble artistic renditions of fallen angels (though these are, as it says, massive).

Godzilla himself, though cast as a good guy in the film, is a reptilian dragonlike fire-breather with terrifying teeth and eyes. It is the classic rendition from decades past.

But in the theatre lobbies, for those exiting that movie, are posters for upcoming releases such as Dragonfly 2 (showing a demonic creature as very cuddly); Maleficient (the mistress of all evil, starring that name we see all over: Angelina Jolie,  left), and Transformers 4 (to the right).

There are the Nephilim in Noah.

Are these "artists" portraying the rise of massive dark figures: unknowingly relating what may actually be occurring -- the rise of towering evil -- in real time?

We know that such images have long been the stuff of sci-fi. And occult stories.

But has sci-fi -- the images -- ever been as dark?

We normally do not post photographs or art that depict evil or seem nefarious. Excuse us for that. But sometimes it's true: a picture (or movie poster) is worth a thousand words.

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