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The terrorism in France brings forth a flurry of questions, including mystical ones.

One might ask, for example, why the incredible outpouring of global support in the wake of the horrible Paris murders (killing seventeen) did not occur in the wake of September 11, nor has it occurred in the aftermath of persecution and murder of Christians (by Muslims, and sometimes Hindus) from Indonesia and Pakistan and India to Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and most recently Nigeria -- where reports last week (1/11/15) estimated that two thousand Christians had been slain by the Boko Haram ("People Committed to the Prophet's Teachings for Propagation and Jihad," a self-professed Islamist movement). Persecution, mainly at the hands of Muslims, is at historic levels: estimates range from two to eight thousand deaths a year.

Where are the rallies for that? Where is the outrage?

Should political and religious leaders continue holding out an olive branch to Islam, at any cost?

How did Muslims become the victims?

These are among the queries raised by consistently atrocious conduct. There is no question that there are many good, peaceful Muslims -- saintly ones. Our first call is to love them -- to get along with them; to respect the goodness we find.

But one has to ask: what is it with this "religion" that so powerfully and consistently spawns hatred and violence, no matter the country -- or even ethnicity?

"By their fruits you will know them," said Jesus (Matthew 7:16).

Westerners are attacked and killed over cartoons that are critical or satirical of Mohammed yet Muslims can feel free not only to satirize Christians -- not only to ban their prayer -- not only to arrest them for carrying a Bible, or refusing to "convert," or mentioning the name of Christ -- but to kill them, often in the most gruesome fashion. Even kids are decapitated.

Have the excuses for Muslims run out? Is it time to stop pretending that this horror -- and these fruits -- don't really exist?

The shirt pictured above to the left depicting 9/11 in gleeful fashion is reportedly produced in large quantities and sold on the streets of many Muslim nations, including Indonesia, Pakistan, and India, with little opposition or publicity. "Keep on like this, and in a few years they will meet their objective: the destruction-conquest of the West," noted a blogger.

It happened during the Middle Ages. There were military invasions. Today, the invasions are demographic.

Is there an aspect of Islam that is diabolical? What about all the spirits they call jinni that Muslims consult as a part of their faith?

Noted Christian author Joel Rosenberg just last week (on CBN, which deserves enormous credit for its courage), "The Islamic State is not interested in being contained to Syria and Iraq," Rosenberg told CBN News. "(ISIS) sees itself as building a regional caliphate or Islamic kingdom and eventually a global kingdom and it will kill anyone that gets in its way." Speaking of ISIS, he added, "They have come on so fast, so strong, I believe it's a demonic movement. They are not just terrorizing people, they are engaged in genocide. In Syria and Iraq, they are trying to eliminate Christianity in those two countries."

Is there a mystical component (in addition to those jinni)? Is there mass possession?

Largely forgotten is that during the apparitions at Kibeho in Rwanda was an alleged message to the pagan boy Emmanuel Segatashya (supposedly from Jesus) that back on September 16, 1982 said, "Those forthcoming times, those times that are leading up to God, will be times of trials, times when each person will have to bear his own cross. The one who would follow Me will have to suffer. Any person who would take the road to Heaven will walk in suffering, until the day when he will find eternal rest. From that day on, he will suffer no more. However, the one who takes the road to hell will walk with no difficulty, yet he will suffer for all his evil, but this suffering will last forever, for eternity.

"Do not be afraid, but have faith!" Segatashya claimed Jesus said. "For the one who does good will come with Me to Heaven. It is the one who does evil who will be met by fire. Therefore, hurry to do good, for Satan will one day disappear from this world and then you will never be tempted again. But hurry, for there is little time left."

"Today this world is full of hatred, and you will know that the time of My return is near, that I am on My way, when you hear of and see the wars of religion. Know then that I come, for nothing will be able to stop these wars."

If that wasn't Jesus, it was some smart kid. (The book about Segatashya (The Boy Who Met Jesus) is amazing.)

Wars -- religious ones -- without end: what we constantly see cropping up around the world is beginning to fit the bill. When four million rally in Paris, it looks all the more so. In  Germany, an anti-Islam movement is swelling. In England (which has so many Muslims that the name Mohammed is now that nation's most popular for newborn boys), special troops are surveying the streets. Wars. Rumors.

And when we look back at Kibeho (which was approved by the Church, though not all the seers, including Segatashya, are officially sanctioned) we might do well to recall that there in deep Africa the Blessed Mother has correctly and with amazing precision (in parts of the messages that were sanctioned) correctly predicted a genocide.

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