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Perhaps you recall the articles we ran in naming guardian angels. Many people have differing views. Some believe it endears them to their guardian. Others think it's pretentious -- and not theological. A typical one (that brings in the aspect, for discernment, of coincidence), from viewer Jenny Clifford from Australia:


"This happened fifteen years ago. I was wondering what my angelís name was and just decided to ask (all this was done in thought, as I had read where two girls were fooled by the devil about this. They had asked aloud, etcetera.) I said 'Is itÖÖ' and the name 'Peter' came to thought. Then I thought, where did that come from, Peter being a name I did not particularly like. So I said to my angel, okay the first customer I serve at work tomorrow will be your name. 


"The next day I had forgotten all about this. My first customer a man bounded up the stairs with a faulty watch; I had the watchmaker look at it and it needed to be left for repairs. I asked the man his name and address. He said 'Peter'!


"So the day after that I was driving to the supermarket and still feeling amazed and I said to my angel, 'so your name is really Peter?' My eyes fell on the car in front; the brand name across the back window said ĎPeter Stevens Nissaní


"I was still feeling so amazed as I came out of the supermarket and talking to my angel. I again said 'So your name is really Peter?' Again my eyes fell to a number plate Peter Amor motors. Of course I have no doubt my Guardian Angel is called Peter. And I love the name."


Said another viewer: "My comment is this: Unless I was Spirit led I wouldnít go there. If we search and push for it Iím afraid we can actually get a fallen angel by accident, snared. But I also donít think an angel canít give their name. There would probably be a good reason for it. Itís possible the saints knew a name but were too respectful to use it or have others know of it."


When little Colton Burpo of Nebraska had a famous near-death experience, he came back with a description of angels, including some he saw in Heaven with swords. He was also shown a great future between evil and dark. When? It is an issue of "Heaven time."


The advice: concentrate not on darkness but on filling your home with angels (swords and otherwise)! 


What about a good old simple angel story?


This we get from our friend, angel expert, and chronicler of accounts, Joan Wester Anderson:


"Rose was getting ready for bed one evening, and had just turned off all the bedroom lamps and said her prayers.


"As she finished, she saw a radiant light, just ahead of her, a pinkish-gold color. Was she dreaming? Shocked, Rose watched the vision.  Where had it come from?  Rose thought of her mother, who was very ill, and decided to call her to make sure she was alright.


ď'I have a radio alarm clock right next to my bed,' she says. 'And when I saw the time, I remember saying to myself that it was too late to call my mother and disturb her. I decided to call her first thing in the morning.'


"Rose turned back to where she had seen that beautiful light -- and when she saw that it was still there, she was flooded with a feeling of calm and peace. The light was so comforting, Rose let herself relax. Life had been difficult lately, especially the constant worry over her motherís health. But now she felt herself dozing off, while the warm bright light continued to watch over her.


"The next morning Rose was awakened by a phone call from her sister. 'Mom was taken to the hospital by ambulance last night,' Roseís sister said. 'Youíd better come.'


"Because Rose lived a few hours away, she did not make it to the hospital in time to say good-bye to her mother.


ď'But it comforts me to know that this radiant light that visited me could have been my mom or my angel assuring me that everything would be alright,' Rose says. 'I learned that pink-gold radiant light represents love. I know it definitely was something very beautiful.'


"Rose has not seen the light again, but she is at peace. 'I know my mother, and my angels, are always with me.'"

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