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If you want a sense of eeriness, visit Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, where they first developed the atomic bomb. It is one of the great symbols of modern technology and it is currently under threat from wildfire.

It's not alone. Fires have been aiming at other features of the modern era such as central power lines in the Southwest that if destroyed could one day shut down electricity for the entire region (perhaps triggering massive failures in the national grid). We forget or don't realize how delicate our infrastructure is. It doesn't take that much to bring us to our knees. Consider for a moment how Hurricane Katrina affected gas supplies through much of the country and how September 11 -- the collapse of two buildings (big ones, for sure, but only two to three percent of New York's total office space, and an infinitesimal percent of the nation's) -- for nearly a week shut down the country's transportation. When hurricanes brush -- just brush -- an area, it is astounding how quickly supermarkets run out of food and bottled water. (It is because of such potential eventualities that it makes sense to prepare; in prayer, the Holy Spirit will guide you.)

What is nature telling us? What is it "targeting"?

There was the Japanese quake and tsunami: another nuclear facility (which just this week was found to be leaking more radioactive material). There are the storms and tornadoes in the Midwest -- seat of genetically-modified crops (particularly Missouri); and there is also the flooding of the nuclear plant in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

A year ago, it was the Gulf oil spill -- a sign for sure and one that went totally ignored (there are now plans to drill into the water with yet greater fervor).

How much will we infringe upon and damage and in some cases rearrange and destroy nature? When we will stop talking politics and start speaking about God's Creation (as opposed to using the term "environment")? When will we realize that God did not create animals for us to drive them into extinction (or use them callously)?

Signs are all around us. Is this stuff over the top? Or are many blind to the signs? What has occurred in your region? In Florida, drought has caused overdeveloped West Palm Beach to nearly go dry (out of well water) and stopped airboats from thrashing through swamps they disturb although now it is the storm -- and lightning -- season. In the Northeast, an unforgettably cold, snowy winter will be replaced by searing heat, as we tilt, as on a teeter-totter, from one extreme to another. Do we read the signs -- or simply brush them off as "nature"? Can we brush off so many indications? What about mysterious booms? What about all the talk of comets? Do we recall the "radical" words of a prophecy from twenty-one years back? It is a time of natural -- and societal -- upheaval.

"Chastisements will differ according to regions, and like the great evil, will not always or usually be immediately noticeable for what they are," said the anonymous missive, given, during a dream, in 1990. "In the period also will be a warning that involves not fire from the sky but fear of fire from the sky, and strange loud rumblings. This, according to mankind's response, will then be followed by another chastisement, or the inevitable onset of the change of era. Your era is ending. Soon the world will not be the world you know. I am not speaking of a barren world, or one depopulated, but of the end of your technological era."

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