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Nazis and the occult: was Hitler possessed?

 Today (April 30) is one of the "holiest" days in witchcraft, known as Walpurgis, and Christians everywhere are called to pray. Only Halloween is as important to evil worshippers and the unleashing of dark forces during such feasts is something we must stand against.     

These forces are already running rampant and if anyone doubts the effect they can have (on actual lives), one need only reflect back on the Nazis. 

While everyone knows they killed millions, few realize that the occult was at the very root of their terror. Their symbol, the swastika (or "sun sign"), is a magical emblem that goes back thousands of years. Its use can be traced to Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, Greece, China, and ancient North American Indians. 

Only a force that is supernatural could inspire diverse cultures at great distances. In northern Europe the swastika represented the hammer of a god called Thor and was used by the savage Vikings. It was also employed by magicians in the 19th and 20th centuries. Among these was an Austrian named Georg Lanz vin Liebenfels, who raised it as a banner over the castle headquarters of an occult group called the Order of the New Templars. 

Vin Liebenfels lived in Vienna and had a profound effect on another resident of the city, Adolf Hitler -- whose very name meant "noble wolf" and who studied many preternatural disciplines, including the dark strictures of "theosophy." 

Hitler was an occultist and like many who practice black arts, there were strong indications that he was possessed by demons and had been since boyhood. Some have even wondered if he was the victim of ritual abuse. During his Catholic Confirmation ceremony at a cathedral in Linz, Hitler turned sulky and surly, repulsed by the holy ritual. He developed an aversion to Christianity -- which he later wanted to eliminate. As a boy Adolf had been prone to satanic trances. He would turn pale, take on a sinister countenance, and launch into impassioned speeches with a hoarse and raucous voice. 

We all know how this rather unattractive and lonely man suddenly was imbued with fantastic, mesmerizing charisma. Too often, such charisma comes from the dark side. We see it with rock stars. We see it in Hollywood. We saw it with Hitler. "It was as if another being spoke out of his body, and moved him as much as it did me," recalled a friend named August Kubizek. "It was not all a case of a speaker carried away by his own words. I rather felt as though he himself listened with astonishment and emotion to what burst forth from him with elementary force" [our emphasis].

A similar trance had occurred when Hitler was recovering from war injuries in the Prussian Military reserve Hospital at Pasewalk. There he heard voices that told him he was Germany's messiah. Such voices were also to tell him to exterminate the Jews. He had a deep connection with old Hun-like magic -- runic symbols -- and was obsessed with the ancient nordic god "Woden" (or "Wotan") -- the god of destruction. 

Incredibly, it was later discovered that in 1889, the year of Hitler's birth, an artist named Franz von Struck had painted Woden rampaging on horseback across a landscape. While this was decades before the rise of Nazis, the god was portrayed with a clipped mustache and forelock combed over the left brow that so resembled Hitler that many later thought it was an undiscovered portrait of him!

Was he set for evil from the time of his birth? We're not going to judge him. We have no idea what he was born with. We know only that the answer to the question posed today is "yes": he exhibited clear signs of demonic infestation -- and possibly full-fledged possession. He had an obsession with blood, and possessed precognition, the ability to see certain future events. "Christian writers should call Hitler's gift `demonism,'" notes author Joseph J. Carr. "While true prophecy can come only from God, counterfeit prophecy can and does come from satan." 

Hitler's mood often turned ugly in a flash. According to Kubizek's recounting of one incident, Hitler walked "as if propelled by an invisible force," his face pale and drained and "almost sinister." Frequently he would enter into what seemed like a rapture or ecstasy. And often he would wake up screaming that there was a shadow in his room. "One night in 1934 Hitler awakened and let out a murderous shriek," writes Carr. "When they crashed into Hitler's bedchamber they found him standing in one place, swaying back and forth with his eyes looking wildly around the room. Sweat was pouring off Hitler's face and he gasped for air..."

Some claim that Hitler was obsessed with Christian relics, including the so-called Helige Lance or "spear of Longinus" -- supposedly the very lance used by the centurion to pierce the side of Jesus as He hung on the cross!

There has long been a superstition that whoever possesses the spear gains magical power. Legend says it had been in the hands of Roman emperors -- and that while it was kept at a museum in Hofburg, Hitler would fall into an ecstasy before it. 

On a least one occasion it is said he was in the company of a doctor named Walter Stein, who claimed that Hitler was so entranced by the object it was "as if some mighty spirit now inhabited his soul creating within and around him a kind of evil transfiguration."

We don't know about that. It's hard to confirm such details. We know only that by 1941 eradication of the Jews was in full progress and there was a holokaustien or "burnt offering." It was like a massive satanic rite. Millions were shot, gassed, starved, and another 44 million died in the war itself, which made it the greatest human disaster up to that point in history. Among the first targets were Christians, and the Pope himself was directly threatened (in part for granting sanctuary to Jews). What possessed Hitler possessed his henchmen -- some of whom were astrologers -- and eventually an entire nation.

Woden was in a fury but the forces of good prevailed and Hitler lost the war and committed suicide with his wife Eva Braun between 3 and 3:30 p.m. on April 30, 1945  -- the feast day of Walpurgis.


(It's said that the Spear of Longinus was recovered by Allied troops two hours before Hitler's death. See also:

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Nazis and the Occult  


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