by Michael H. Brown

On our recent pilgrimage to Medjugorje two of my nephews had a unique experience. It happened June 29, a Friday, on what's known as "apparition hill." They were sitting enjoying the evening when a stranger approached wearing white shorts and a white shirt. They didn't look to see if he had anything on his feet. 

But his behavior was strange. The man said nothing, just approached and sat inches away from one of them, Richard Jenkins, nearly in his lap -- and then just quietly stayed as Rich finished praying the Rosary.

Every once in a while the man opened his palms to the sky or pointed upward. Rich didn't understand what he was trying to say.

Most unusual was the man's face. He looked young from the sides but like an old man from the front, perhaps a local Croatian. His mouth puckered as if he had no teeth.

For some reason, the proximity didn't bother them. There was an inexplicably peaceful feeling emanating from the man, who greeted my second nephew, Joseph, when he approached and kissed him on the cheek, offering peace. "Peace and love," they said as they left. Joe also felt the flow of tranquility.

Later that night they saw an unusual light fall on the village. They were still up on the hill. It was like a meteorite, but was too big and thick to be a meteorites, and it split into four or so lights before vanishing from view.

Perhaps that's what the "man" had been indicating.

Or maybe he was just praising God.

When we got back we were interested to learn that when angels appear as mysterious strangers they are often dressed all in white... 

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