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Take a look at the above photo. It's of the "northern lights" on September 23 about fifty miles north of Jyväskylä, Finland -- lights that appear in the formation of a gargantuan angel!

Angels are on the scene, and praise God for them! This is their week. On Saturday we celebrate the feast day of the great archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. They are on the scene to heal and defend and advise and so we know that despite what's going on -- despite the terror, despite the ailing Pope, despite the economy -- we have no reason to fear.

Let me repeat: a great unspoken truth is that there is never cause to fear.

If we are humble and have faith there is no room for fear -- except for the state of our souls.

That's the only fear. That's our main concern. Love casts out fear and leads us to humbleness -- which drives the enemy away. As St. Therese of Lisieux (whose feast day is Monday) said, "the nature of love is to humble oneself."

It is when we have pride that we fear. It's when we don't pray. It's when we bear jealousy or animosity or hatred.  

With prayer there is nothing to fear because with prayer we can prevent war; we can suspend natural laws!

And if our souls are pure, what, in the grand scheme of eternity, can harm us?

With purity, no event on earth, no assault, can prevent us from reaching heaven.

This is not to deny the presence of demons. We have never seen more evil. This is the full-fledged assault that we have been expecting. Satan is becoming aggressive. He knows he must move fast. His power will soon diminish. 

But we don't fear him because fear is faith in the devil and will unleash his power. Instead, we fear only God and have faith that He will protect us -- He and His angels! It really is a remarkable time -- daunting, perhaps, and sad, but exciting at a spiritual level. We were all set on this earth at this moment to battle for God and that's exciting. We do it with faith and prayer and by shedding fear. "Just as the sun shines simultaneously on the tall cedars and on each little flower as though it were alone on the earth, so Our Lord is occupied particularly with each soul as though there were no others like it," St. Therese assures us.

You are protected. God knows everything you need. He is watching over you and your loved ones -- He is watching over our nation, which He wants (in His mercy) to purify. As Therese wrote: for His most intimate friends, God works no miracles before testing their faith. At Cana Christ said His hour had not yet come when first they wanted wine, but after that initial test, the water was changed into wine (just as the Virgin, who we should all now implore, had requested!).

"I love You and I give myself to You forever!" Therese shouted to Christ -- Who in His time answers all prayers.

Love, humility, and faith. 

With these pillars there is nothing -- no terrorist -- who can touch us!

"O Jesus, my Beloved, Who could express the tenderness and sweetness with which You are guiding my soul!" said Therese. "It pleases You to cause the rays of Your grace to shine through even in the midst of the darkest storm!"

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