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Viewers Assert Widespread Practices Of The New Age, With A Focus On California

A while back, we carried an item on a new book that deals with the New Age and warns of its infiltration into the Church.

It seems like an especially timely topic now that Archbishop William J. Levada of San Francisco has assumed Pope Benedict's former post as prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith -- which handles precisely such matters.

In fact, a bit of an uproar was caused in Archbishop Levada's own diocese a few months back when we posted an item noting that a prayer to nature spirits (of the west and the east and the north and the south, see below) had been published on the official diocesan website -- almost surely without his knowledge, and somewhat innocently, as an attempt by those who apparently didn't understand the New Age to reach out to other denominations (and to invoke healing in the wake of the priest-abuse scandal).

Other cases arise on a weekly basis.

We get reports from South Carolina (where two nuns have shown a picture of three witches to represent the Trinity during classes for the rite of Christian initiation, or "RCIA"); from Columbia, Pennsylvania (where sisters allow programs on massage therapy); and from Albuquerque, New Mexico (where a teen group is taught yoga).

There is a Dominican nun in Houston who reportedly teaches the enneagram and chakras (occult energy points), the former of which is sort of an esoteric way of deciphering personalities. Meantime, in Cleveland, it is said that some of the Ursuline nuns are "pushing" the goddess Sophia.

This is all food for thought for the new Pope -- who has a reputation for strict adherence to Catholic discernment -- as well as Archbishop Levada, who will now be watchdog of the doctrine.

"We believe there is a very strong occult coven in the dioceses of Superior and LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and St. Paul-Minneapolis in Minnesota, including a recent attempt to have pro-abortion wicca 'nuns' speak at a parish in Hudson, Wisconsin," writes a concerned reader named Darla Meyers, who adds that fortunately they were "disinvited" when their paganism, was revealed.

In other cases, there had been no such luck. The occult flourishes as a backdrop to Catholicism -- and as an extreme manifestation of ecumenism.

In Orlando, we're told, seven-year-old were given black stones and told that "when you have done something wrong to another person, you rub this stone against you" and "your sins are forgiven," according to Mayra Lingvay from nearby Longwood. "They were told to make sure they keep this black stone and not lose it, because on the night of their First Reconciliation, when they are to do their Confession, they must bring that stone and give it to the priest."

On the surface, this seems like an innocent way of engaging youth, but those in the occult realize the importance of magical amulets, including stones.

Most troublesome was a report we received from a writer on the West coast. While completing advanced religious studies  countless New Age atrocities at the Jesuit and Franciscan Schools were witnessed:  "Feminism was rampant. 'Christa' is often Christ renamed. The Trinitarian formula was often replaced by: 'In the name of the Creator, the Redeemer, and the Holy Sustainer.' Male pronouns alluding to God were eliminated.

And that, was only the beginning.

"Priests from the Jesuit School often did not even vest for Mass," They would celebrate Mass in plain clothes, sometimes putting the stole on only at the consecration. The thanksgiving liturgy at the Jesuit house was rewritten and dried-up French bread was torn individually (the Lord flying all over the place) and passed around for Communion. Women were allowed to extend their hands at the consecration."   

"Starhawk, a witch from the Bay Area who taught on staff at Holy Names College, often provided workshops for the gals on 'Holy Hill.'  Enneagram and yoga practices are the norm. One  Jesuit who also used to do retreats in the Sacramento area said Mass in the lotus.

"Jokes abounded when the schools 'passed' Vatican inspection. They joked about making sure they vested for Mass, among other things. Out of the nine seminaries on 'Holy Hill,' only the Dominican School considered itself pro-life.  We wonder why New-Age stuff creeps in Religious Ed programs? The Graduate Theological Union is the training ground for heresy, neo-paganism, and women in ordination. I was glad when we left, and left California for good after 33 years of living there. We had enough, and it's all over the state. We attended 'religious ed' conferences where the four winds were called upon at the Anaheim Convention Center (while Cardinal Roger Mahony presided) as well as being subjected to sensual liturgical dancers."

We submit this all for your evaluation, and with due respect to all chiefs of the Church.

We have no way of knowing what they know and what they don't, nor of checking each such charge.

But it is consistent with what we have heard for now years.

"This was twenty years ago, and it is worse now," asserts one writer. "My last 'battle'  was imploring the Bishop of Sacramento to not ordain a man deaconwho my husband and I were in Engagement Encounter with who was a professed Mason...he wore the ring and all.  Thank God they gave him an ultimatum.  He chose to leave the Masons and was ordained in later in California."

Little victories: it shows what happens when Catholics speak up!

As for that greeting of the spirits, or what is called "Blessing Our Oneness," it goes like this:

"We greet you Spirit of the North. Teach us to plant our feet securely on the earth and to see things as they really are, that the coming of your Spirit may find us standing firm in integrity. Teach us, Spirit of the North, in the solitude of winter, to wait in darkness with the sleeping earth, believing that we, like the earth, already hold within ourselves the seeds of new life.

ALL: May the deep peace of mercy be on us forgiving us, beckoning us, encouraging us; and may our readiness to forgive calm the fears.

We greet you, O Spirit of the East.

Awaken in us with each day, new hopes, new dreams of colors, loves and joys never before imagined. Fill our bodies with your breath, invigorate us. Carry us to the farthest mountains and beyond. In-spirit us that we might reach out to you boldly to grasp the miracles that are given birth with each new dawn.

ALL: May the deep peace of compassion be on us holding us close when we are weary, hurt and alone; and may we be the warm hands and warm eyes of compassion when people reach out to us in need.

We greet you Spirit of the South.
You bring the winds of summer and breathe on us the warmth of the sun to sooth and heal our bodies and our spirits. Quicken us, draw us by the urgings of your warm breath to break through the soil of our own barrenness and fear. Teach us to hold sacred the memory of the spring rains that we might have the strength to withstand the heat of the day, and not become parched and narrow in our love. Lead us to accept fatigue with resignation, knowing that life is not to be rushed, that there is no flower of the field that grows from seed to blossom in a single day.

All: May the deep peace of gentleness be on us caressing us with sunlight, rain and wind; may tenderness shine through us to warm all who are hurt and lonely.

We greet you Spirit of the West; cool our hot and tired bodies, refresh and bring laughter to our hearts. It is you who usher in the setting sun. Guide our steps at the end of day; keep us safe from evil. Fill us with your peace as you enfold us with your great mystery of night that we might rest securely In your arms until morning call us forth again.

ALL: May the deep blessing of peace be on us stilling our hearts that have fear and doubt and confusion within them; and may peace cover us and all those who are troubled and anxious. May we be peacemakers.

We greet you, Great Spirit of the Earth.
It was from you we came as from a Mother; you nourish us still and give us shelter.

Teach us to walk softly on your lands, to use with care your gifts, to love with tenderness all our brothers and sisters who have been born of your goodness. And when the day comes when you call us back to yourself, help us to return to you as a friend, to find ourselves embraced, encircled and enfolded in your arms.

ALL: May the deep peace of community arise from within us, drawing us ever nearer, speaking to us of unity, true community where distinctions of persons is also oneness in being.")


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