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From the mailbag: the fight to save New Orleans

Dear Spirit Daily:

I am a resident of Mandeville, which is just north of New Orleans, on the Lake Pontchatrain. 
I just want to thank you for your article on the sin in our beloved city, New Orleans, which is in ruin. A group of us had the traveling Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe about two years ago, and a church, (Center of Jesus The Lord), on Rampart Street hosted a visit. This was on a First Saturday. The ladies, Nancy Albert and Cindy Hemelt, with their group, were in the custom of walking around the French Quarter, and praying the Rosary, for the conversion of New Orleans, after First Saturday devotions.They called it the Crusade for the Conversion of New Orleans. They did this every First Saturday. My friends and I decided to join them. I had not been in the French Quarter for years. I was appalled at all the voodoo shops!! They are so blatant, and everybody just laughs at it, and thinks it's a joke. Oh! It's harmless, they say. People buy the Voodoo dolls, and give them to other people, as a joke. If they only knew what they were playing with! Believe me, the ladies we were with were not laughing, and they are scared for our city also. I think to this day, that group of ladies still marches from Rampart St., to St. Louis Cathedral, to pray the Rosary for the conversion of New Orleans. They also offer up fast days, for the conversion of the City. During our Rosary March, when we turned the corner to get to St. Louis Cathedral, I was in further shock over the "palm reading" that was going on, one booth after another, not 10 feet from the entrance of the cathedral! It was truly a horrid sight! When I think of the blasphemy, right in front of the Blessed Sacrament, well it's just a miracle God hasn't destroyed us. If you feel called by God, please, please keep up the articles about our city- gone-astray. Maybe our New Orleans Catholic Mayor (Mayor Marc Morial), will do something about it. You have a big name, and maybe he will listen to you.
May God continue to grace you with boldness for the truth!!!

May God Bless You!!
Charlotte King


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