God's Armor by Mother Nadine Brown (foreword by Michael Brown) 
Mankind is currently in the midst of a spiritual war. In the current maelstrom, in the challenges of such an era, in the danger of demonism, there can be no more important book than this. It's a book that every Catholic should read. Mother Nadine is one of America's foremost authorities on spiritual warfare and has founded a new order of nuns and monks known as the intercessors of the Lamb. Only by praying, knowing the enemy, and arming ourselves can we hope to win. CLICK HERE


@Spirit Daily

Spirit Daily has confirmed a report that a new pastor has been named at Medjugorje in a surprise move. The name we are given is Father Branko Rados, and his appointment comes just weeks after a new Franciscan provincial, Father Slavko Soldo, took over the region. The new pastor will be officially installed on September 14. It's not clear why another pastor was named. It has been less than a year since the outgoing pastor, Father Ivan Sesar, took control of St. James Parish. The new pastor is described as very young and from the general vicinity but as yet we have few further details. One source says he is a deeply spiritual man committed to Medjugorje and known to climb the hills as did a previous priest, Father Slavko Barbaric, who died last year. As reported here last week, the Franciscans in the region are currently reconciling with the secular bishop in Mostar and unlike many Franciscans who were reprimanded, Father Sesar signed an oath of loyalty to the bishop (who opposes the apparitions). More as it becomes available....

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