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Last week we brought forth a new part of a prophecy that began twenty years ago, in 1990. There have been only three "messages" in those years, with a couple of additional "words of knowledge" (for your determination). In the latest [seen here], among other things (including what seemed like an announcement of darkness) there was this:

"New Mexico I have ordained as a beacon of light and also the place near the water where the cross stands."

What to make of that? What, if true -- if this is a legitimate "word" -- could something like that mean? A place of physical refuge, or a spiritual one? A place to avoid actual calamities, or a spot where miracles will occur -- where there will be spiritual protection in times to come and the Holy Spirit will be especially prevalent?

The mention of a "beacon of light" seems to imply a spiritual anointing -- a refuge for the soul more than a fall-out shelter. (We have always discouraged the notion of running for the hills, although we respect each person's own discernment in this regard). Let us say that every church -- every place that has Jesus (in the Host) -- is a refuge and special place of protection. During an historic wildfire in Wisconsin during the 19th century, the only spot that didn't burn was a little chapel!

But the new prediction drew our surprise and attention for a number of reasons.

Indeed, a priest we respect -- one who seems to have profound insights, and who runs three parishes in a large Midwest archdiocese -- had relayed to us months ago his feeling that a certain part of New Mexico (in the northeastern mountains) would be a refuge during future events. He mentioned a place near the Carson National Forest. Interestingly, this is part of a range called the Sangre de Cristo Mountains -- which means Blood of Christ, and which, in northern New Mexico, includes a town called Angel Fire.

Meanwhile, New Mexico is home to a cathedral that houses what is believed to be the oldest Madonna in the U.S. to whom a devotion has been maintained. That is La Conquistadora (above, left) in Santa Fe. Fashioned in Spain, it was brought to New Mexico in 1625, and certainly has special grace. New Mexico is also home to what many believe is a miraculous staircase (above, right) that legend has it was built by a stranger who may have been St. Joseph. It is in the Loretto Chapel at the end of the Old Santa Fe Trail (see previous article).

Are there special forces at work in New Mexico?

And what about the second spot mentioned, a "place near the water where the cross stands"?

This gets doubly intriguing. We don't pretend to know every spot in North America that has a Cross overlooking water (if the prophecy pertains only to that continent). Surely, there are a good number of churches, retreat houses, monasteries, and shrines or chapels that rise above or near lakes, rivers, and streams -- or the ocean. In San Diego is a Cross atop Mount Soledad that has been under legal attack by atheists for years ("and yet it still stands!" noted a viewer).

In Texas, a 19-story cross towers over a roadside near Pampas, with arm spans of 110 feet!

But no water nearby (not significant, in this stretch of parched country, at any rate).

An even taller Cross stands at the junction of Interstates 57 and 70 in Effingham, Illinois, at 198 feet.

It's 193 miles south of Chicago -- but again, no proximate and significant water.

Which brings us to another Cross in the U.S. at Our Lady of La Leche Shrine in the nation's oldest city, St. Augustine (founded in 1565), a Cross that at about two hundred feet high is even taller.

Says a diocesan website: "This massive structure, made of stainless steel and rising two hundred and eight feet above the marshes of the Matanzas River, stands as a sentinel over the Mission and a 'Beacon of Faith' for all who pass this way."

There is that word: beacon.

Meanwhile, it marks the spot of what many assert was the first documented Mass in the United States. It is also where the first actual thanksgiving was held.

And the shrine is the oldest Marian one on the continent.

"The plaque at the base of the world's tallest cross, which is 208 feet high, says that it 'marks the approximate site where in 1565 the cross of Christianity was first permanently planted in what is now the United States.' That's right -- Jesus arrived in America here first, over a half-century before the Pilgrims even touched their toes to Plymouth Rock (and forty-two years before Jamestown). 'The Great Cross' (as it's known) was erected in 1966 to mark the 400th anniversary of that momentous day. It's built of seventy tons of stainless steel plates, packed with concrete in its lower third to prevent toppling by hurricanes. It's part of the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche, and its height was designed so that everyone near St. Augustine could see it, and be reminded "of the religious beginning of our nation," according to the plaque."

Some claim it's the tallest in  the world. The Matanzas River is actually a vast intracoastal system that runs into the nearby Atlantic Ocean, and the Cross is visible for many miles out in the Atlantic. Not far from it -- and equally visible out at sea -- is a famous lighthouse (with, of course, a beacon).

Meanwhile, a Carmelite priest -- again known to have a mystical proclivity -- told us years ago that a number of people he knew who felt they had received words of knowledge that St. Augustine would radiate hope and a rebirth of Christianity after major events. We also found it interesting because we are based to the south.

"I just read the prophecy," noted one Florida viewer, Kathy Keene. "Could St Augustine be the city with the Cross near the water?"

As for others in the mail, which was voluminous, there was viewer Gisele Roy, who said, "I Googled cross near the waters and New Mexico and got Cross of the Martyrs in Sante Fe and this below: 'Santa Fe, New Mexico, sits nestled in the foothills of the southern end of the Rocky Mountains at 7,000 feet above sea level. Here, the chain of mountains is called the Sangre de Cristo Range—the Blood of Christ— a name given by the early Spanish colonists because in the setting sun, the stone of the mountains turns deep red. In this image, the Sangre de Cristo Range appears in the background (top portion). The image is shown from a western viewpoint, as though you were standing on a ridge on the west of town looking toward the east. The most densely developed area of the city is located just above center, and it appears lavender, as does Interstate 25, which runs toward the bottom right edge."

Said another, Sonia Sherard-Braa: "I was struck by the new recorded prophecy listing New Mexico because of the following: This past August the cover of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association, August 18) had a painting that resonated strongly for me as a 'place of refuge.' At that time, I clipped the cover and the inside article describing the background of the artwork, as I had a strong feeling about it. The artwork shows a girl holding a candle in a twilight ranch landscape setting in New Mexico. It is by Peter Hurd, is called 'Eve of Saint John,' and the backdrop is El Centinela, or 'Signal Mountain,' in New Mexico. If you look up the article, I think the art writer's commentary has (unknowing) relevance to the 'beacon of light' comment in the prophecy. At the time I felt this feeling of 'refuge for coming chastisement,' as I will call it, upon looking at this place. I couldn't discern any more.  I had the desire to visit the place. I think the prophecy is truthful."

Added a viewer named Patty Schwabe: "That is an amazing prophecy in light of the Blessed Mother's October 2 message to Mirjana [Dragicevic of Medjugorje]. I compared the two and they are amazingly similar. Humility... battle against sins... trials... love that knows how to wait... error of premature expectation."

"I have read and re read the new prophecy," said another. "I see quite a lot of hope in this message."

As another pointed out: "There is a large cross that stands inside of  Las Alas, the large building that is home base to so many of the powerful ministries. It is walking distance to the border of El Paso and Juarez. The Rio Grande separates the two countries. The Lord's Ranch, where [a well-known, charismatic priest] lived and so many people from all over came to visit is in New Mexico. He used to begin the healing Services by 'arming creation.' He would have the community say loudly and with authority the Canticle from Daniel, Chapter 3: 52-90. There has been so much praise and good works that have come from that place. This is my own observation.  It could well be a coincidence."

Says a viewer in New Mexico: "Just fyi, there is also another holy site in New Mexico, Sanctuario de Chimayo, in the town of Chimayo (about an hours drive North of the Loretto Staircase): miraculous finding of a Crucifix (it was dug up) where the earth began to glow. The Crucifix was relocated several times to a church but kept returning itself to the same spot where a church was finally built. There is a small side chapel in the church with a dirt floor where people dig up the dirt which has healing properties.  The chapel is full of crutches, wheelchairs, etc. that people have left behind after being healed. Also, further north in New Mexico in Ranchos de Taos, there is a miraculous painting. In the light, it is a beautiful full size painting of Jesus standing on the sea of the Galiliee. When the lights are turned out a cross appears over Christ's shoulder and the sea glows, ripples; some people see a boat. The painting, as well as the soil near the artists home have been tested for radiant chemicals and there's no explanation for why it does this. I have less information on this one but received something of a personal miracle there: A Marian shrine in Cerrillos, NM (between Albuquerque and Santa Fe). I believe the church is called St. Josephs but it's the only church in town. It has a huge painting of St. Francis receiving the stigmata in the confessional that was painted by a parishioner. Appears to me to be what would be considered to be a "masterpiece".  Have also heard rumors that the Blessed Mother has been seen there."
And from Dan Finaldi: "I am also intrigued with how the first 1990 message came fourteen years prior to the second in 2004, but then the most recent is only half of the time between the first and second. Could this mean the messages are coming more quickly as events unfold toward the heart of the prophecy? Could this also  mean that we will hear more information in short order -- maybe in half of the time again? In summary I have the sense that the new  prophecy is expressing that we have entered a level in which an 'initial event' is upon us which in turn will open up layers of meaning which culminate. I wonder what is the culmination and the result. The message seems to suggest that we would be told more as we approach each stage and as the veil thins and thins. The message also seems to suggest that as we go deeper in this time we will experience a manifestation, for example the veil thinning -- to what end, a manifestation? Jesus's appearance? The message suggests that as we get closer we will judge in error as to what is happening, but we will not be in error as to the understanding of the overall times. Perhaps this means we will feel it so closely that we may jump the gun a bit in expectation, which in turn is yet another sign."

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[Note: The Sangre de Cristo Mountains extend into Colorado, where there is a place known as the "Garden to the Gods" (up near Colorado Springs). Elsewhere in this branch of the Rockies is an ecumenical New Age Center. Thus, we must exercise caution. Are these mountains, like biblical ones, "power spots" that attract both positive and negative? Or is what is going on in Colorado unrelated to the branch of mountains down in New Mexico?]

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