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Before our very eyes it appears to materialize -- what seemed, on this website, years ago, in 2001, to be an exercise (at least for some, perhaps) in eccentricity.

It was then, just after September 11, that we ran several articles wondering if an unusual display of the aurora borealis immediately following the terrorist attacks heralded a major new war, a war between Christianity and militant Islam -- as an unprecedented aurora did in January of 1938, when a display of the northern lights was seen from Europe to Canada and America's East Coast (even into the Midwest) and like an omen preceded the annexation of Austria by Adolph Hitler (which some consider to be the true initiation of World War Two -- and which a Fatima seer said was the "great sign" prophesied by Mary as indicating just such a conflict).

Now, the lights have been back again. Now, there is a new "war." It is a different war. It has come upon on us in a way that is slow-grinding. It is still in a stage that is nascent. It has been gradual. It may remain that way for a time. It will be punctuated by something unexpected.

Yet a little while, but: It is becoming as it was back in the Middle Ages -- when Muslims decimated churches, destroyed relics, and desecrated statues of the Madonna. And as back then, it is starting to involve Europe in a substantial way. You have that cartoon that led to a slaughter in Paris. You have the killings in Denmark. You have an influx of Muslim immigrants everywhere -- many good, others radical: thirsting for the demise of what is Christian. The leader of Italy publicly expressed fear this week (2/18/15) that his nation will actually be invaded as in those medieval times when, but for the Battle of Lepanto (and the Victory of the Rosary), Europe would have fallen to Islam.

Head we there again? This time, the invasion has been through demographics: Anglican churches are turning into mosques. The most popular name for male babies in England: Mohammed. (Never Jesus.)

After 9/11, the focus was Afghanistan, Iraq, and al Qaeda. There was no ISIS. Now, however -- confounding our great intelligence networks, our experts -- ISIS is rising in a way that is volcanic. Sparks. Fire. Lava. Smoke. Much smoke. Much darkness. Headlines this week on CNN: "ISIS growing at 'warp speed,"' "Religion's week from hell," "Islamists vow to 'conquer Rome next,'" and "ISIS end game: apocalypse." While ISIS may struggle in places like Iraq and Syria, it surges elsewhere. Boko Haram in Nigeria is now flying flags with ISIS symbols.

Lent is a good time for much prayer. Especially, pray for the protection (spiritually) of your families.

Ash Wednesday...

It's said that in 1968, a 90-year-old woman in Norway had visions of the future. Stated she: "The Third World War will begin in a way no one would have anticipated—and from an unexpected place." We will have a "special report" on one man who claims a more specific prophecy.

Europe. The Middle East. Israel.

They now behead Christians in public. Men. Young women. Kids. They plot and plot to bomb transportation. They plot and plot to cause mayhem. And so they surge. September 11 was the opening act, but just a mere opening act, or really a preface, to the return of militant Islam as a force that threatens Christian civilization. Have there been other signs? Allegedly, there are recent apparitions in Iraq. Whatever the relevance of that, there was a Church-sanctioned apparition in Mosul years ago, an apparition that foresaw apocalypse -- in a city where Catholic churches have now been all but totally annihilated (along with the site of apparitions). Ironic it is: ISIS is now attacked by Egypt, where in ancient times there was devotion to the occult goddess: Isis. Sobering thoughts for the beginning of Lent, 2015.

Will Israel play into things? Will Israel last? And if not, what will occur? What might precede its demise? Events in nature? Much to mull over, in these times. The Mid East will not be the only hotspot. It will be a point of origin. It always is a point of origin. It will play a role. But it may not even be the focal point. Will it remain? There is the intriguing passage in Jeremiah 31:36: "The Lord promises that as long as the 'natural order' lasts, so long will Israel be a nation."

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