October prophecies: Is something going to happen this month?

by Michael H. Brown

       Is something about to happen? Will an event -- perhaps one of the secrets given to seers over the last two decades -- take place this month?

       I ask this because right now there is a frenzy about October. Several alleged prophets from America to Europe have indicated that something big will happen this month.

       The speculation is all the more intense because on Sunday, October 8, Pope John Paul II will celebrate Mass in St. Peter's Square and during that Mass there will be an "entrustment" that places the Church and the world under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the start of the new millennium. 

      The last time something this big was done -- 1984 (the consecration of the world and implicitly Russia) -- it prevented a nuclear war, according to Sister Lucia dos Santos of Fatima, and led to the collapse of Communism.

      Does the new action also have mystical connotations?

       Is it to connected in some way with the flurry of prophecies?

       What will happen this time?

       Is the entrustment to ward off some new unseen danger?

      And will it succeed?

       Just last week I got a call from a dentist who told me of a stigmatist in Slovakia who is predicting a major event this month, and there was a similar prediction from a seer in Maryland (although this apparition was recently rejected by the Church, in part because of the apocalyptical prophecy; see story later this week).

       Rumors are rampant that Father Stefano Gobbi, an Italian priest who claims to receive messages from the Virgin Mary (and who will be discussed in a separate article soon), was instructed by the voice of Mary not to travel during this time.

       And while Father Albert Roux, who heads the Marian Movement of Priests in America (which distributes Gobbi's books), says that nothing was said about traveling, it is true, he claims, that the Blessed Mother told Father Gobbi not to make formal plans from September on. "It was a personal thing and Our Blessed Mother wants to lead him, to make the decisions," said Father Roux, who believes "things are about to unfold rather quickly."

      A word of caution: Nearly every year there is a prediction pertaining to a specific day, week, or month. So far none have materialized. Usually such prophecies relate to Holy Week. This year it is October. There may be a number of reasons, including the revelation earlier this year of the third secret of Fatima, which brought memories of that famous apparition flooding back.

       The highpoint of that 1917 apparition was a great miracle that occurred on October 13.

       Odds are against anything occurring, but times continue to intensify (abortion, the Holy Land) and whether this month or next month or next year, one day soon events will break loose. At Medjugorje, as we reported a month ago, a previously unpublicized interview with the seer Mirjana Soldo indicated that her first secret involves a "severe" regional event that will be heard "by everyone, everywhere." 

       It is not time for fright or sensationalism but for prayer. We are especially called to a special novena this week, and for fasting across all denominations. The approval of the abortion pill last week brings us all the closer to severe events as a time of mercy moves into the time of justice.

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