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oil_above03.jpgAs summer begins, is there something about the end of it?

To a few folks, at least, exactly this seems in the "prophetic pulse": that another shoe will drop, later this season.

Perhaps it's the oil spill that has raised angst.

The environmental disaster has caused some to think even of Bible prophecy, including Revelation, wherein on the opening of the first "seal" it says (6:2), "I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer."

Or is Revelation 6:7 that we should look at: "When he opened the fourth seal, I heard the fourth living creature saying, 'Come and see!' (6:8) And behold, a pale horse, and he who sat on it, his name was Death. Hades followed with him."

In a satellite image of the spill was what looks (or looked, at the time of the photo, on May 4, above, left) like a pale horse, but is this truly pertinent?

"When the rig exploded, the fire 'started sounding like a living thing, because it was hissing so loudly,'" said a report quoting one worker, Doug Brown. "'It was almost sounding like the beginnings of the roar of a creature.'" (Admittedly, some of the photos taken of the fire and also of the gusher a mile down have eerie likenesses.) As always, it depends the eye of the beholder. If nothing else: symbolism. A headline on CNN: "The night the oil rig exploded: Escape from a fire-breathing monster."

There also are all kinds of apocalyptic scenarios currently circulating over the internet -- from fretting that the oil may be radioactive to worries of a massive methane explosion or that the carcinogen benzene (present in petroleum) will cause massive evacuations.

One website promoted the idea that the entire state of Florida might have to relocate its people -- a scenario of an entire state that seems entirely unlikely.

Others point out that it's quite a stretch to relate the gusher to anything in Revelation. "There are claims by some prominent expositors, as well as discussions in the blogosphere, that the man made oil spill fulfills Revelation 8:8-11 the second and third trumpets and/or Revelation 16:3 the second bowl," said one blogger and viewer named George Offerman. "These claims are about as hermeneutically unsound as one can get, and it is only going to sow confusion among the faithful, which is definitely against the will of God." He argues that the reference is not to a blazing oil rig but to an asteroid.

Yet, surely, the oil disaster is to the point of some form of spiritual significance. When we think of it, the words of Mary from an alleged apparition come to mind. "Satan is actively trying to destroy this planet, the environment, and even nature," the Virgin of Medjugorje once said. "Only through prayer and fasting can he be stopped." Virtually no one has listened.

Is there actual evil at work? What is in the eyes of oil executives? (What lumber is in our own?)

Wrote a technician named Timothy Thompson:

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
 the highest resolution version available."Satan has entered fully into the world. He has been desperately trying to break through to the surface of the earth again, being bound for many years. The Christmas Day tsunami years ago. The recent, many quakes. The disturbances of the sky with trailing fireballs here and there. The ash clouds and volcanoes. The End of the Age is suddenly upon the world. We can read the signs of the weather, and a few have been able to read the signs of the times: Spreading flammable waste over the land is exactly the call of Satan, his very essence is black oily millions of years old slime to be spread all over Gods creation to choke it out and inflict great and persistent damage to what God once called, 'GOOD.'"

Writes Paul Maclean from Louisiana, in a different fashion:

"I have fought ARCO (and then BP after they bought them in 2000) along with an elderly widow since 1986 (she has died). After my conversion experience in 1992, I began to understand, over time, that my fight was not really mine but one that (based on my work history) God had prepared me for. I have literally 'hung' on against ARCO/BP since that time (many times representing myself pro se in court venues) and through all that I have discovered some of the depth of the corruption in Louisiana that has allowed an entity like BP to get them (and now us) into this sort of disaster. What is going on in the Gulf is nothing more than what an arrogant corporate monster like BP is allowed to do by many.  Now, all are running around with a new-found righteousness. Some secular journalists are beginning to understand my 24-year journey and are wanting to tell a BP story from that angle. I am a little uncertain about doing that because it is really more of a spiritual story that is now being played out in the Gulf of Mexico and in Louisiana. It has been put in place for hundreds of years."

Another note in our mailbag quoted a supposed locutionist who said: "My Father will send upon your nation a new trial, a famine, a shortage of food. Stock your supplies away and prepare for late summer." There are also technicians positing drastic predictions.

"In order to extract natural gas from what is basically an enormously large, 'dry,' and very much interconnected set of chambers called the Hugoton Natural Gas Reserve, which sits directly above a water aquifer, which is separated from same by a thick layer of shale type soil: America's energy companies have been using twin locomotive size diesel engines (pictured to the right) at places such as Sanford, Texas (just north of Pantex) to turn incredibly huge water pumps." notes one. "In this case these pumps remove water from man-made Lake Meredith (created by a large dam which was constructed on the Canadian River just to it's north) to pump huge amounts of water into the reserve, so as to force the oil and natural gas that's in the reserve up out of the earth, into pipelines, then onward to processing plants. Now, consider that America has been using this process which the energy companies call 'water replacement' for just over a hundred years. Do you still wonder where America's water is going and/or has gone?"

Said yet another:

"Lets first start with Eugene Island 330 -- the mystery of Eugene Island. Eugene island is a submerged geological feature like an underwater mountain eighty miles off the coast of Louisiana. The landscape is littered with deep fissures and faults which gush large amounts of oil and gas. A platform named Eugene Island 330 was producing 15,000 barrels of oil in the early 1970's. By the late 80's, the flow has reduced to 4,000 barrels a day. Then suddenly a mysterious thing happened. Production at Eugene Island 330 suddenly jumped back to 13,000 barrels a day. The reserve was refilled just like that. It is estimated the reserves went from 60 million barrels to 400 million barrels in a few days time. Something very strange is happening under the Gulf of Mexico.

"What happened at Eugene Island supports the growing theory that oil is renewable from deep earth processes. But don't let the general population know this. This aids to explain why the Middle East oil fields seem to be inexhaustible. Scientists noticed oils chemical composition did not change as fossil records had changed. Many scientists now believe oil is not created by decomposing remains of life since areas of very different ecospheres are producing oil of equal composition. But there is much more to talk about the new discoveries of deep oil. Something very dangerous lurks in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Keep in mind the reserve Deepwater was drilling happens to be the deepest offshore reserve to date. Also keep in mind how we learned oil is sourced from deep below the earths crust, farther down then mankind has been able to study and observe."

"Deep Earth oil is flooding to the surface and it is contaminated with uranium and thorium. During the Gulf War the Gulf Syndrome is speculated to be caused by the expulsion of uranium and thorium from the wells opened up by Saddam Hussein. Similar symptoms of illness are now beginning to occur at the Deepwater Horizon spill site and the resulting oil slick."

Can we take this seriously? Is there a deep mystery to how oil originates?

On a "coast to coast" radio show, a scientist named Richard C. Hoagland (best known for his theory that there is a man-made formation on Mars) claimed (according to a report we received) that "citing insider sources in BP and in the U.S. government, a gas bubble approximately fifteen-to-twenty miles across, ten-feet high near the well head, had formed and that it may cause a massive explosion within weeks or months. He said that the pressure was 100,000 pounds per square inch and that when gas explodes, it would be like a Mount St. Helens going off under water that would create a huge tsunami that would travel at four hundred to six hundred miles per hour, sink all vessels within miles, drive the oil, hazardous dispersants, and gases inland within minutes."

This does not seem very plausible to us.

Maybe we'll stick with mystical speculation. 

Said alleged seer Pedro Regis of Brazil, quoting Mary on June 4: "Dear Sons and Daughters, forward on the path of prayer. Pay attention to my appeals and open your hearts to the call of the Lord. God is in a hurry, and you no longer can live far from the truth. Be meek and humble of heart. Look for the road to holiness in order to be saved. You live in a time of great tribulations, but God will not be far from you. You live in a time when the creature is considered worth more than the Creator and humanity is spiritually blind. Sincerely repent and God will save you. I am your Mom. I suffer because of your suffering. Put your confidence in My Son Jesus. After all the tribulation, the transformation of the world will come. God will work a great miracle, and you will see that which human eyes have never seen. It will be a time of joy for Gods chosen ones. Forward without fear. Those who dwell in a great city in Brazil will live moments of great tribulations. Scientists will give the warning and everybody will flee. The Discovery of a great gap will get the attention of the whole world. Return to the Lord. He is waiting for you with open arms. This is the message I give you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace."

We'll take that to discernment.

By the way, years ago, we had this article, which was headline 'Time Of Dark Water' May Also Relate To Manifestation Of Evil Forces Around Us and began:

"A while back I wrote about a dream in which I was driving and then floating over a large bay somewhere in Florida. It was dark -- at night -- and the atmosphere was foreboding. In the dream I heard the words, "It is the time of the dark water."

"It was a strange vision, almost eerie, and it was followed by news that scientists were puzzling over a blob of "black water" in the Gulf of Mexico that was heading for parts of Florida."

As for prayer:

"Please mark your calendar for Tuesday, June 29, 2010," says an e-mail alert. "At 11:11 a.m. Pacific Time, 12:11 p.m. Mountain Time, 1:11 p.m. Central Time, 2:11 p.m. Eastern Time, we would like everyone to stop what they are doing and spend a few minutes praying for the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico region. Man has for too long tried to rely on his own feeble knowledge to fix disasters in the world. It is time for man to ask God to intervene in this disaster. Why on earth has the human race decided that it is the only one that can do anything? God has and always is in control at all times. At this time we are in a crisis that is beyond our technological capabilities, we need to be humble and pray. As a stiff-necked people we are trying to go beyond what we can do and we need to ask God for His pardon and help. So, on Tuesday, June 29, 2010, we need to stop for a few minutes, humble ourselves before our Creator, ask His forgiveness and ask Him to help end the crisis in the Gulf. The 29th is the feast day of St. Peter and St. Paul, apostles to our Lord Jesus. It doesn't matter what version of Christianity you are, the differences need to be set aside, and we all need to pray as the Christians that we are. Please send this to as many people as you know that will pray on this day. God hears all our prayers and maybe if we set aside our pride for a while, He will be happy with us as humans doing His will and not ours. God bless you all."

Alas, 11:11 again.

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