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[adapted from The Other Side]

On Easter, Jesus rose in glory. Many are those who have had near-death experiences and claim to have seen that glory!  We offer several descriptions for your discernment:

"I stared in astonishment as the brightness increased, coming from nowhere, seeming to shine everywhere at once."

"It was impossibly bright."

"Like a million welders' lamps all blazing at once."

"The Light was brighter than hundreds of suns," said others.

Like a comet.

"There was light all around Him."

"It was unspeakable. I didn't want to come back. Once I came into His presence, I felt I had come to the ultimate point in my life."

"I know that while it was indescribably brilliant, it wasn't just light."

"This was a living being, a luminous being approximately eight-feet tall and surrounded by an oval radiance."

"His love was greater than all human love together."

"His love totally enveloped me."

"He was indescribably wonderful: goodness, power, knowledge, and love. Ever since I have joy in my heart!"

"I saw that the light immediately around Him was golden, as if His whole Body had a golden halo around it, and I could see that the golden halo burst out from around Him and spread into a brilliant, magnificent whiteness."

It was a "pure crystal light, not any kind of light you can describe on earth."

"All loving."

"All forgiving."

"As I reached the source of the light, I could see in. I cannot begin to describe in human terms the feelings I have over what I saw. It was a giant infinite world of calm, and love, and energy, and beauty."

"It is not a radiance which dazzles, but a soft whiteness and an infused radiance which, without wearying the eyes, causes them the greatest delight," wrote the great mystic, St. Teresa of Avila, "nor are they wearied by the brightness which they see in seeing this Divine beauty. So different from any earthly light is the brightness and light now revealed to the eyes that, by comparison with it, the brightness of our sun seems quite dim and we should never want to open our eyes again for the purpose of seeing it. It is as if we were to look at a very clear stream, in a bed of crystals, reflecting the sun's rays. It is a light which never gives place to night, and being always light, is disturbed by nothing."

This is Jesus. This is Jesus post-Resurrection. Recall this in the dark days of Lent. He is there just as He said: the Light of the world -- and of eternity.

[resources: The Other Side and The God of Miracles]

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