Novena to the Holy Ghost, the famous novena that guides Catholics day by day in obtaining an increase of the priceless Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit -- leading to profound respect for God, enlightenment at all levels, and joy in life (and even suffering) -- supernatural courage, fortitude, wisdom, and counsel. Those are some of the graces received when we go to the Spirit of God, made easy by this little booklet in prayers over the course of eight days.  CLICK HERE



The oldest Christian faith – the Catholic one – teaches many attributes that are stressed by those who die and come back. It is the narrow gate. It is a route of safe passage.


But through it all must come the virtues of love, selflessness, and forgiveness.


Through the sacraments, congregants are allowed a taste of Heaven. Heaven is constant Communion – and then some.


The Host, as Body and Blood, is a portal – our contact with Jesus before we see Him in His Light.


But the sacraments are meant to help purify the soul, instill selflessness, and prepare for the eternal.


If not, they lose their potential. (We can re-energize our appreciation for Mass this Sunday as we exercise revised liturgical texts.)


“I know, it is an old cliché: love makes the world go round,” a Kansas woman told a writer. “But you know, that is true. I learned during my experience that it is God’s Love that makes the world go round, and the more we lend our hand to God by loving others -- as well as ourselves -- the more we grow spiritually.”


As one person, upon clinical death, was asked by the Lord: What have you done to benefit the human race?


It doesn’t mean we all have to be great inventors.


It means we must exhibit kindness and fulfill our particular duties – assigned in the Mind of God before the beginning of the world. A direct relationship with Jesus is necessary.


If those duties are not fulfilled, we are sent back.


We are sent into the world for a purpose and do well always to pray that the mission is fulfilled.


It was there before time itself.


We should pray and seek always to accomplish our missions, and when it is not our time, it is not our time.


In Florida, two strangers saved a two-year-old from drowning, and then disappeared.


Our angels are with us through life and during the transition (aiding us too in purgatory, if that’s where we go).


When it is not our time, the Lord can use all His agencies.


In Charleston, West Virginia, 59-year-old Val Thomas had no pulse or brainwave activity intermittently for more than seventeen hours (her toes curled back in rigor mortis) yet lived – was brought back minutes after they removed the ventilator for whatever purpose in God’s mysterious designs.


Astonishing it is when two people who know each other “die” at the same moment -- or around the same moment -- and meet up, in the spirit, as occurred with a woman named Eloise Weaver of Utah.


Here again we see the interaction of “strangers.”


Eloise, her husband, Dave, and a daughter were traveling by car to Montana when they were involved in a horrible accident.


A car smashed into them, pinning them in their seats, but before dying, Eloise saw two mysterious people clad in tremendous white in the car window, telling her to pull her knees up to her chest, breathe shallow, and that she would then survive, which she did. But not before leaving her body. “The paramedics got my daughter out first,” she recounted to a researcher named Arvin Gibson.


“Then they began to pry on the door where my husband was. Dave kept saying how badly he hurt, and they were afraid he was dying. He turned to me, and that’s when everything in the car got really bright, very warm and very quiet.


“I didn’t hear my daughter screaming anymore, and I didn’t hear any voices coming from outside the car.


“I felt Dave’s presence very close to me, and suddenly we were above our bodies. He held me really tight, and he said: ‘Hang in there babe; I love you.’ That’s what he always called me. Then he said, ‘I’m being called home, and you need to go back and raise our girls.”


In other cases those who die at the same time at different places have met up in that zone – that void -- that separates realities.


One man who was near death with heart problems suddenly found himself talking with his sister -- who was in another part of the same hospital in a diabetic coma.


They were up in a corner of the room watching the doctors work on him when suddenly she began to move away.


Recounted this man to a researcher, “I tried to go with her but she kept telling me to stay where I was. ‘It’s not your time.’ ‘You can’t go because it’s not your time.’


“Then she just began to recede off into the distance through a tunnel while I was left there alone.’


“When I awoke, I told the doctors that my sister had died. He denied it, but at my insistence, he had a nurse check on it. She had in fact died -- just as I knew she did.”

[adapted from The Other Side]

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