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[adapted from The Other Side]

In Heaven, there is music, we are told, but there will be no beat because in Heaven there is no time.

On earth, the beat of music is often by way of a cymbal that clangs.

Not so in Heaven -- where the music is different than any we have heard, save perhaps for the recesses of a dream.

Some have called it the "music of the spheres."

Perhaps Bach, or Mozart, or Beethoven, give us snippets – tiny ones.

In Heaven song will flow as a force of ministry.

Perhaps this is why the Pope feels the need to emphasize sacred music -- how music used during Mass should minister to the deepest parts of our spirits, as the Gregorian chant does, as so much of the older music did.  The Mass should reflect Heaven and in Heaven the music is balm.

It will heal the spirit.

Truth is translated into song.

"There was a sound in the air that completely defies description," said one who had a near-death brush. "It was as if there were a multitude of voices, and a multitude of instruments, blended and playing soft music. The twittering of birds and other beautiful sounds were all melodically instrumented into the music that wafted through the air."

"All of the earth’s symphonies pale in comparison," is an actual testimony. "It sounds loud and piercing as a trumpet, yet the notes glide smoothly as a violin and also a sweetly pitched as a flute. It is all these rich sounds blended perfectly as one. As I concentrated on the music, it gracefully slowed down to a soothing lullaby. The effect was the most beautiful and emotionally soothing song I have ever heard!"

Pure, soft music is the air of the other side.

It is absorbed. It is digested. It vivifies. On earth, it affects us more than we realize.

It is the resonance of the soul and in Heaven it is only a good, positive, and uplifting resonance.

Think wind chimes.

"Exquisite harmonies."

"A celestial choir."

"Sublimely beautiful."

"Unearthly tones."

Those who return say it was like the gardens, the leaves, the colors were singing. Every drop of the living waters will emanate a note that joins a perfect harmony of tones praising God.

"A thousand tiny golden bells."

"Make music, the heavenly blend of birds, voices, instruments, and bells, and you're there!" says another woman, Linnie Smith from Michigan, who heard it.

"It flowed unobtrusively, like a glassy river, quietly worshipful, excitingly edifying, and totally comforting," said a near-deather Richard Eby.

"High sweet tones."

"I found myself saying, 'Bach is only the beginning!'" said Dr. George Ritchie a psychiatrist who "died."

In a chorus, the whisper: "Jesus."

Indeed, high sweet tones!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

Balm indeed!

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