"This is the year of mercy and grace, but when this is over then we will realize what we had"

by Michael H. Brown

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       Pachi Talbott Borrero, a seer from Ecuador whose visions of the Virgin Mary drew world attention in the 1980s, has urged Christians to take advantage of a major indulgence offered by the Church until the end of the year. The indulgence grants special grace to those who attend Confession, receive Communion, perform an act of mercy, pray for the Pope, and pass through a "holy door" designated in each diocese before January 6. (click here for a fuller explanation)

       After this year, Pachi, like other major seers, indicates that a period of hardship will begin.

       The seer, whose apparitions occurred from August 28, 1988, until March 3, 1990, and who still claims to experience locutions and occasional visions of Saint Joseph and the Lord, is careful not to tie events to a specific time-table. Seeking to balance expectations that have been sensationalized, she and others have repeatedly indicated that a purification -- prophesied now since the 1980s -- will unfold over a period of years. Aside from the importance of the indulgence, the year 2000 bears no special meaning.

        But Pachi now becomes the second South American seer in a month to mention coming times. Last week Maria Esperanza of Betania, Venezuela told Spirit Daily that the U.S. should beware of two foreign powers and that in general a sadness would come upon the world over the next several years.

       Pachi's remarks came during a recent talk in South Florida. She said her latest locution was a call for "love and a lot of mercy toward our brothers and sisters and to be very careful not to fall into believing we're so spiritual and better than the others. Let us remember that we are all sinners. [The Lord] reminds me that we are in the times of mercy. The Pope implored God the Father for this year of mercy. Not many people understand what this year means and what the Pope has done -- but I can tell you truly that this year has been a gift from God to us. We have very little [time] for this year to be over. What I mean is that there is a very short time that we have to be able to live this year of indulgence. This is what I mean! Until January 6 we will be allowed to receive the indulgence every day. This is the year of mercy and grace, but when this is over then we will realize what we had."

       Although Pachi emphasized the spiritual aspect and mentioned no specific disasters, she has previously warned of a nuclear war and has expressed specific concern for New York City.

       In October of 1988 during a trip to Guadalupe, Mexico, she allegedly had an apparition of Mary on Tepeyac Hill, site of the famous 16th-century apparitions to Indian Juan Diego -- whose feast day was earlier this week. It was during that apparition that she was shown what one person who was with her called a "sacred chastisement." Pachi has also warned about an evil personage who will gain great influence over the world "through various fields -- not directly, but through such things such as science."

       Pachi's apparitions have not yet be approved by the local bishop, but she announced in Florida that the local prelate was going to allow a sanctuary built at the site, 12,000 feet up the cloud-enshrouded Andes in a ravine known as El Cajas, where Mary came as "Guardian of the Faith."

       "She teaches how to be obedient, to be obedient to our church, to be obedient toward the pope, the bishops, and the priests," Pachi told the crowd. "Many times it's very difficult to be obedient to God. We want everything right now and everything the way we want it. But we don't see that God has a plan for each of us and sometimes with our freedom we can ruin that plan that God has for each of us. If we submit ourselves to His will and give ourselves to Him, I can guarantee you will feel a lot of peace, and you will be very secure in anything that you're doing. The doubt will disappear, because when we act with our own will, we feel care and anguish and doubt, desperation. These are the signs that we're not asking in the will of God. When we abandon our problems and lives and everything to God, we will see how peace comes to our lives and how tranquil we feel, because we will realize that everything is in the hands of God -- and what better hands than those of God to be in?"

       Pachi added that the entrustment of the world and millennium to the Virgin by the Pope last October was part of the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart predicted at Fatima.

El Cajas, where Pachi has her apparitions

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