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Major Seer Says Smaller Chastisements Have Been Lessened But Not The Big Ones


A major seer from Ecuador asserts that events coming as chastisements loom in the future and that while some smaller events have been lessened, the "big ones" will still occur due to what she sees as the world's deteriorating moral situation.

The stark assessment comes from Patricia Talbott Borrero of Cuenca -- whose alleged apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary began in 1988 high up in the Andes, drawing world attention. While her local bishop has not approved the visions, neither has a local prelate denounced them, despite preliminary investigations and despite the negative judgment of one committee.

According to Talbott (who goes by the name "Pachi", and who has been scrupulously obedient to Church authorities), her former bishop had asked her to take a "vow of silence" related to the apparitions but a new one has altered that to a "vow of prudence" -- allowing her to speak cautiously about events that may have dramatic significance. The diocese also has okayed a sanctuary at the site, which is 12,000 feet up the cloud-enshrouded mountains in a ravine known as El Cajas. There, Mary reportedly came as "Guardian of the Faith."

As per usual, we submit these stories in the spirit of openness to prophecy for your discernment. The comments by Pachi are noteworthy in that she ranks as one of the world's top visionaries -- a young woman of 32 who appears to be following in the footsteps of Maria Esperanza, another South American seer who died last August days before Florida was first lashed by hurricanes.

Those storms, believes Pachi -- who has been visiting the Miami area -- are part of what she feels is a coming scenario of purification. Since the early 1990s, Pachi has warned that the descent into sexual immorality, godlessness, and materialism could lead to a nuclear event, a war in Eurasia, and "natural disasters created by man."

The prophecies are contained in what has been characterized as a multi-faceted "secret," parts of which, hinted at in remarks since 1988, appear controversial. It was from 1988 to 1990 that the young woman claimed to experience more than a hundred apparitions. In an interview with Spirit Daily, the seer, who once aspired to a career in modeling (but now works alongside her husband in a humble furniture business), said that she is still receiving locutions.

"I have locutions and I see Jesus sometimes," said Pachi, who works with the poor in third-world Ecuador. Asked if she still perceived major events as on the way -- events that so often had been described as coming soon, but are not yet here -- the seer replied, "They're coming. Some are lessened. But they are the little ones. I have to be careful because I am in a vow of prudence. What I can say is that things are coming and some things are relieved. But they are the little ones. The world has not changed enough."

Borrero said she still has struggles with the evil one, who "tries to put me down," but that there is always victory in the Rosary and other means of holiness. She perceives the evil in the world as worse than when the apparitions first occurred. "But the plan of the evil one is going to be over soon," she says. "That's the reason he's desperate."

Asked if she was surprised that things have gone on so long without the prophesied chastisements occurring, Pachi replied: "I know the time that Our Lady announced to me, but I also see the Mercy of God in many ways. When you see it coming, you're going to realize how soon it is.

"God is going to show you His Will. Pray for His Will always. That's the most important thing."

Alluding to recent events, she said that "God is reaching out to Florida, He wanted to put His eye over this place" -- an ironic expression given the storms of last summer.

But the Ecuadoran emphasized that focusing on coming events is less important than focusing on our own spirituality. "We can die before any of the events," said the seer. "The most important thing is whether we are living in the Voice of God. The big word is 'conversion.'"

Pachi said she saw a vision of Christ's Passion in 1998 during a visit to the Holy Land. As for the Middle East and the Iraq conflict, she said that "war is never the Will of God."

Years ago she saw destruction coming to New York because it was growing cold to God and is instead idolizing mankind and its structures. Other predictions have been less clear, including one that had to do with destruction of the Vatican and another ascribed to her that foresaw the assassination of Mikhail Gorbachev, events that of course have not occurred.

However, those specific prophecies were related by others. The seer herself has been more circumspect. "Live with hope and trust and when the moment of purification arrives, abandon yourselves entirely to me and I will give you your mission," she quotes the Blessed Mother as saying.

In an interview with Spirit Daily two years ago, Archbishop Vicente Rodrigo Cisneros Duran of Cuenca said he is taking a wait-and-see attitude toward apparitions and has not yet made a discernment on the apparitions or messages. "I am still watching and waiting," he said. As for his personal opinion of the authenticity, the archbishop commented, "Well, top secret. I don't know that. I respect her as a person. I see her as a good person, very pious. So, we appreciate the personality of Pachi. I think she is very sincere. But I didn't [question] her yet because it's difficult. There is no determination yet but maybe in the future."

A friend of Pachi's, Bernardita Jerves, was also granted a vision of what they call the "sacred chastisement" and was allegedly told by Mary that "one month before this circumstance happens you can notify all of my children."

Mary allegedly made clear that conversion would "soften" the Heart of Jesus, "and the intensity [of purification] can be diminished or be lost forever; if not, the great trial will come."


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