Seer says current period of mercy was gained by Pope; advises us to let it be -- 'but remain vigilant day and night'

       Appearing recently in South Florida, Pachi Talbott Borrero, a seer from Ecuador, explained the key to a tranquil spirit in three words: "let it be."

         Peace comes, she said, when we love, have humility, and are in union with God's will -- facing life with holy resignation.

       It was because Mary and Joseph did the will of God, said Pachi, that "everything happened to them in a special manner."

         "God our Father will teach us and the Holy Spirit will cover us, He will cover our lives, our knowledge, the way we act, the way that we love -- all our lives," she recently told crowds, including one at the Marian Center in Delray Beach during the election chaos. "If we want to carry Jesus in our hearts like Mary carried Him nine months in her womb, we can do it for all our lives. If we want to do this we must say, 'let it be. Let it be, oh Lord, whatever You want,' and every suffering and happening will be in the hands of God -- even the smallest things we have. Let us put everything in the hands of God. This is the teaching of the Blessed Virgin, our mother. It doesn't seem like big theology. It is a theory of love. Love can do anything and love will never disappear, because God is love and God teaches how to love, how to forgive, and how to forget. Look at the world with eyes of love."

        Urging everyone to partake in a Jubilee indulgence (which expires January 6, see previous story), the seer, whose alleged apparitions of the Virgin from 1988 to 1990 drew world renown (but are not yet sanctioned by the Church), said through a translator the essential message is to persevere "because I think in the moments on the way is coming a lot of confusion and if people think nothing is going to happen -- they were confused about the year 2000 --  they are waiting for some things and maybe some people take away the faith, and that's not right. We need to wait in faith for the conversion and salvation of souls. To wait only to see if something happens or doesn't happen is so sad. How can we have faith just waiting for something to happen? Jesus said in a message to be vigilant in daytime and night-time. Make your hearts always awake. That means to be alert always -- not only for things that may be coming, but because you don't know when the kingdom of God will come to you -- when you will die."

        Pachi, a former model from Cuencha, made this startling announcement: the current "time of mercy," she said, "was not supposed to happen." Instead, "it was something that the Holy Father obtained in the mercy of God, so we must have the wisdom to use these graces. When we finish we are going to better appreciate what we have until that moment. Don't lose that day. Adore God and let God use His own will for whatever is going to happen after January 6 in His will."

      Staying away from specific predictions and advising people not to wait for disasters, Pachi said there is nothing to fear but the stain in our own souls. She says she was told in a locution from St. Joseph that "material things belong to Satan" and that what God most detests is "the rich one and selfish, the poor one who has a lot of pride, and the old one who commits adultery."

        But we are never to judge, said Pachi. "God looks at the world with a lot of mercy. Often we do not look at others with [the same] mercy and we become judges. God is the only one who can judge the souls. See everybody with love. Even the worst sinners must be seen with love. Jesus is in each of us. Make sure that everything that comes out of your souls is a song of happiness. Don't judge anyone, because in each human being, in each temple, you will find your Father. Love them and do not abandon them. We know we're coming from heaven to have a mission on this earth. We need a strong decision in our souls to follow Jesus Christ in the way of suffering, in the way of the Cross, and in the way of love."

       She described visions of the afterlife -- hell as a desperate place where insults are hurled at God and purgatory as a mournful area but one where there was a place with people adoring God. "In heaven at the entrance at the door I could see the Blessed Virgin Mary and angels and saints and Jesus, and Jesus said in a very strong voice, `Close your eyes, because nobody has seen the Father.' When I closed my eyes I could feel a light going through all my being."

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