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You may recall the saying that "those who forget history are condemned to repeat it." One could add that those who hold onto history for too long are bound to repeat whatever they are holding onto.

Here we speak of past hurts: How many of us are bound to our pasts? How many still think too much of things, events, and people in our personal histories? How many of us have not fully moved on to full joy (which means purgation)?

It's one thing to learn from a past mistake (that's what the old saying says to do) -- but quite another to hover (and worse obsess) over past unpleasant experiences.

When we do that, when we obsess -- when we always return to our past -- and especially when it was an emotional "trauma" (such as a broken relationship), we have baggage. We have blindness. We carry cinderblocks. We look backward and stumble forward. This is unhealthy. It's also dangerous. Please take note that our hearts go where our thoughts are -- and we don't want that to be a place of darkness!

Have you held on to something that negatively affected you? Are you stuck in a past dispute (replaying it over and over) or rejection? Do you have hurts from a relationship, from a divorce, from children, from a friend who "did you wrong"? From a boss, a co-worker, a neighbor?

If so -- if you are sending emotions into the past -- you're maintaining a "negative soul tie." You are giving it energy. Whatever bad encounter you had has been kept alive. You are bound to precisely the negativity that hurt you --  allowing it to replay like a broken record (which will both waste your time and drive you to distraction).

Each time you think of something negative in your past, you are reigniting it. And this has effects you don't imagine. There is actual power in thoughts -- great mysterious energy -- and when we die we will see the results! It can be an addiction and it's especially potent when attached to anger.

Each time there's a negative memory it's like putting a cinder block in a canoe.

Pretty soon, it's very tough to paddle -- and tougher still to keep the canoe from tipping over!

The same is true with the deceased: too often, we can't go beyond grief. Love turns into morbidity (when we should celebrate a soul's entry into God's Arms). Hovering for too long over a dead relative or friend can hold a soul from properly "moving on" or spark a disturbance in the realm of unseen souls around us.

We live on average for 41 million minutes. How many of those seconds and minutes and hours do you want to spend on the negative?

When we send negativity, or tap into it, it returns like a boomerang.

What binds blinds. Do we want to keep our eyes and minds on the past; do we want to enter eternity backwards?

Look straight ahead. Look up. Aim for the "higher reaches." This is your destiny! Joy awaits you -- no matter what has occurred. Joy awaits you if you tap into it.

When we look at the past with love (instead of resentment), the Force of God comes through us to those to whom we are sending thoughts of forgiveness, of reconciliation. That power heals, erases, and cleanses. 

Balance, balance, balance. Ask the Blessed Mother to help!

Do we really want to weigh life down here and spend time purging such attachments upon our passing? Or do we want liberation now and immediate entry into the realm of Jesus (Who, as we saw at His Crucifixion, forgave fully and immediately and reached glory)? Do we want to dwell on past disputes or losses of money or do we want to move forward?

Bind yourself only to Christ. When we are bound to Him we are unbound from evil. We are bound to the openness of time. My yoke is easy, He said, My burden light.

Imagine meeting up with every person you have known in Heaven. How do you want to feel when you do? Do you want to have to explain a grudge?

Go back through your personal history and let the Holy Spirit show you what you have not yet released. In prayer, meditate (for a moment) over past injuries; forgive whoever may have caused those injuries; pray for the person (or persons); feel God heal you; and do your best to send love -- deeply, and with sincerity.

Remember: many of those who hurt you may have had a false impression of you, and you of them -- which led to the conflict. Often, when we think the worst of someone, it's because we want to. When we're angry, it is often rooted in pride. Sometimes, it's the defensive part of us. Pride declares the truth as an insult.

If you can feel love flow, peace will follow. So will joy.

You're there! You've purged. It won't repeat. If it tries, root it out -- immediately. Say an Act of Contrition.

Get in the rhythm of that and your blackboard will clear and like a balloon untethered you are ready now for the ascent upward.

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