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By Michael H. Brown

When you have to make major decisions, the simple rule is to decide on what gives you the greatest peace. Make the decision that offers tranquility. Look for calm waters.

Often, that's not what you want. It's not what your brain tells you. It's not what you might prefer. We're all creatures and we often desire things that seem great on the surface but in the end bring tension and cause us to stray from the Lord. 

On the other hand, when we flow with peace -- when what we are about to do brings us calm, when we go with what brings about the greatest feeling of peacefulness -- we're operating in accordance with God. This is a great hidden truth: peace -- a feeling of serenity -- means we're operating in accordance with the plan of God. That's because peace is what it's like in heaven, where all are perfectly doing what God wants.

Don't get me wrong: there are times we have to make tough decisions; there are times we have to suffer; there are times we have to go against the grain. There are trials of tension.

But that's different. That's standing up to the world. That's doing what Jesus had to do. There are times when the right decision is what everyone else thinks is wrong! 

But if it gives you peace, it's correct. It's the right one. And it comes only through prayer. To pray adequately is to pray until all the mental noise is shoved to the side and we have a clarity and calmness of spirit.

Don't make decisions unless you feel peace. If you feel jangled or uneasy or rushed while you're praying, pray until that disquiet has been dispelled. If you're under duress, pray until the duress is lifted. If you feel aggravation, cast it to the foot of the Cross.

Then pray long. Pray for the right direction. Pray until you've pierced the clouds.

It's incredible how insights fly into our heads or we suddenly remember something we need to remember or how we gain that sudden clarity -- that clear vision -- when we take the time to pray. On occasion, this can mean praying a half an hour straight or longer.

To some people that's a lot but it's crucial because a lack of prayer brings the wrong decisions. Oh, it may be what we want right away, it may bring us immediate gratification, it may be what gives us the immediate "rush" -- but in the long run it will be counterproductive. Whatever brings too much electricity and overexcitement is in all likelihood out of heavenly accordance. 

Remember that. Remember that Christ was peaceful. He taught us that whatever gives us peace -- peace in our innermost depths -- is good and is the correct choice. 

He was the Prince of Peace, and when we find peace we also find Him.

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