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Whatever the final verdict on authenticity (if ever there is a verdict), messages coming from a seer in Brazil continue to offer what seem like prophetic "hits," especially in light of Church scandals.

We urge everyone to wait months for discernment before following any one mystic too closely, and warn that accurate predictions can be more intuitive than prophetic, or even from a source that is preternatural (as opposed to Divine). The Bible admonishes the faithful about "wanting to have their ears tickled" (2 Timothy 4:3). In other places, it warns about deception.

But the words flowing from a man named Pedro Regis of Bahia -- who says he has been seeing the Blessed Mother since 1987 (when there was the great eruption in alleged visionaries around the world) -- are at times intriguing.

For example, last September the Brazilian visionary quoted Mary as saying, "Fully trust in the Lord and you will never be deceived. Your strength is in Him Who is your only Way, Truth, and Life. Happen what may, don't stray from the path I have pointed out. Pay attention. Difficult days are coming for you. You will be tried by great difficulties, but count on the Lord. My Jesus will never abandon you. He will be your comfort in difficult moments. You will find a great battle in your path. The Church will confront a great storm and much will be lost. Pray. Victory for the just is in the hands of the Lord."

The following month, on October 26, the message was: "Dear Sons and Daughters, the evil of people will be great on earth. The faithful will be persecuted, and those who are against Christ will act with great fury against the Church of My Jesus. I suffer because of what awaits you. Don't get away from prayer. I encourage you to give witness that you belong to the Lord. Flee from sin and return to Him Who is your Way, Truth, and Life. Courage."

And the next month, on November 17: "When you feel the weight of the cross, call to Jesus and He will come to help. Open your hearts and imitate my Son Jesus. I know what you need and I will speak to my Jesus for you. Bend your knees in prayer. Humanity has gone far from its Creator and my poor children go towards a great abyss. Now is the time for your return. Don't cross your arms. I come from Heaven to reclaim what belongs to God. Be docile. You are important for the realization of my plans. Know that the recompense for all those who listen to me will be great. Walk in the truth. Accept the Gospel and live my appeals. The Church of my Jesus will walk on difficult paths and suffer much. When it looks like all is lost, the Lord will send a just man, and he will contribute to the spiritual growth of the Church. After all the good he will do for the Church, he will be assassinated, but the Church will remain firm, and its enemies will be defeated. Forward without fear. Whoever is with the Lord will never experience defeat."

At the beginning of the current year, in fact on January 1 -- before the Irish priest-abuse scandals exploded (triggering the recent round of publicity) -- Regis claims that Mary told him, "Dear Sons and Daughters, I am your mom and I come from heaven to bring you peace. Open your hearts to the love of the Lord and let Him transform you. Don't cross your arms. Remain firm in prayer. Prayer will fortify you and lead you to the victory with God. You are heading towards a future of great trials. The death of a great leader will cause great confusion. The fall of a prophet will be necessary for the good of many souls. You cannot understand the mysteries of God. Bend your knees in prayer. Seek strength in the Eucharist and in the words of My Son Jesus. The church will encounter a great problem in the revolt of a famous congregation. Stay firmly with the truth. Don't let anything take you away from the truth. Listen to Me and I will lead you on a sure path. Courage. Whoever is with The Lord will never be defeated. Blood will fall from above and fire will flow on waters. Behold the times I announced to you in the past."

Such missives have been studied with increased interest due to what seemed like correct and highly specific predictions of catastrophic flooding in Madeira, Portugal, the Haiti earthquake, and the recent seismic event in Chile -- although other predictions have not yet materialized and skeptics could argue that the sheer volume of messages and cited places (country after country is mentioned) allow for some to be accurate.

"A sorrowful event will shake the faith of many people," said a message three months ago, on January 9. "The Church will weep and lament. Pray much before the Cross."

And at the end of February -- just before the Irish scandals hit headlines in a huge way:

"Pray much for the Church of my Jesus. The Church will drink the bitter cup of suffering. The darkness of lack of faith and of infidelity will spread more and more within the Church. A great scandal will shake the faith of the people and the church will lose much. I ask you to keep your flame of faith alive. Don't go away from the truth."

On February 25: "Pray for the Church. The Church of my Son Jesus will drink the bitter cup of suffering. A most sorrowful [moment] will come. The Church is heading towards Calvary. You will yet see great spiritual confusion, and friends of the king will reject him. I am your mom and I know what awaits you. In these days, seek to live more intimately with my Son Jesus, in prayer, and in listening to and meditating on His Word. Don't lose heart. After the pain, victory will come for those who are just."

And last week -- on March 27: "Dear Sons and Daughters, don't lose heart. God is at your side, even though you don't see Him. Seek strength in Him for your way of faith. The time of great spiritual confusions has come. Bend your knees in prayer, the only way you can attain victory. I am your mom, and I am tireless. I come from Heaven to call you to a sincere conversion. Open your hearts and let the Grace of the Lord transform you. Tell everyone that God has sent me to alert you that now is a good time for your return. I suffer because of what awaits you. Flee from evil and belong only to the Lord. Something marvelous will happen in the land of the Holy Cross (Brazil). During Holy Mass in the shade of a brazil tree, the first and only Eucharistic miracle in Brazil will happen. Because of this miracle, many who have left the church will return. Open your hearts to my call. I want to lead you to my Son Jesus."

[We urge extensive prayer and fasting over a period of time before seeking out seers or other mystics personally]

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