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Granted, he has delivered so many "messages" and mentioned so many countries -- so many places -- that he is bound to hit on some. Since 1987, Pedro Regis of Bahia in Brazil, who claims to see the Virgin Mary, has delivered troves in the realm of private revelation. And not all of it has materialized.

But it has to be admitted that he continues to intrigue as folks try to figure him out. For instance, he recently quoted Mary on March 18 as saying, "Death will pass on the coast of the Gulf, and will leave a great trail of destruction." It seemed a peculiar message. What Gulf? And why capitalized? The one that came to mind first may have been the most proximate one: the Gulf of Mexico. And in fact a month later an oil rig blew, killed workers, and threatened widespread environmental disaster.

Was there a relation?

The news reports now refer to the oil spilled in the Gulf -- the Gulf Coast, as he mentioned "coast" -- as "trails."

Again, so many locales are mentioned -- and twice or more a week.

But there certainly has been a prominent mention of fire from the earth, which may be rather readily associated with the volcano in Iceland. On April 7 Pedro quoted his messenger from Heaven as saying that "A devastating force will cross Europe causing destruction and death." The Eyjafjallajkul volcano blew in a big way a week later.

And its volcanic ash certainly crossed Europe, but as in other "hits," not with the impact and drama that had been predicted ("causing destruction and death.")

Does a seer get something and then put his or her own spin on it? Did "devastation" really mean "impact" (Europe was obviously not destroyed, although it was obviously and tremendously affected).

On March 9 Pedro quoted the Blessed Mother as saying that "from the depths of the earth will come immense rivers of fire. Many regions will be completely devastated and the destruction will cross over many countries." On December 22 he said, "Fire will rise from the depths of the earth and many regions will be destroyed." A month before, on November 22, he quoted a message that said, "Rivers of fire will flow on the earth. The waters will be contaminated and in many regions of the world My poor children will carry a heavy cross."

Before that, on October 27, Regis, whose apparitions have not been accepted or rejected by the bishop, mentioned Chile and said, "The ground will be shaken and people will live in a time of great suffering." He repeated this on January 16: "Great suffering will come for the inhabitants of Chile." He also seemed to foresee Haiti, referring to a shaking in the Land of the Mountains.

Other predictions have thus far fallen by the wayside -- but he remains of keen interest.

On February 25: "A great scandal will shake the faith of the people and the church will lose much. I ask you to keep your flame of faith alive. Don't go away from the truth."

The truth.

That, we know -- for sure -- is in a book of locutions and visions and revelations called the Bible.

[resources: Catholic Prophecy and Tower of Light]

[We recommend extensive prayer and fasting in a lengthy period of discernment before following any seer, locutionist, or healer]

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