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On January 7 a reputed seer named Pedro Regis in Brazil claimed the Blessed Mother told him that "in the great final tribulation, those who consecrate themselves to Me will be protected. I suffer because of My poor withdrawn children. The land of the mountain will be shaken, and mountains will come down in many places. Those who were faithful to the end will not experience defeat (A terra da montanha será abalada e em muitos lugares montanhas descerão)."

That was interesting because less than a week later, on January 12, a quake causing massive damage hit the country of Haiti -- known as "the land of the mountains."

It seemed (but for the plural for mountain) like a direct prophetic "hit."

On January 21, the same seer had quoted the Blessed Mother as saying: "Dear Sons and Daughters, the island of Madeira will be devastated, and the dwellers of a big city on the banks of the Tejo river will experience a heavy cross. Bend your knees in prayer. God sent Me to call you to holiness. Live turned towards paradise, the only place for which you were created. Humanity will carry a heavy cross because people have gotten away from their Creator."

This in fact materialized a week ago -- when the island of Madeira in Portugal was in fact devastated by floodwaters that killed dozens and threw around cars like toys, crumbling parts of the town near that river.

Another direct "prophetic hit" but more so -- naming the actual place. It is difficult to recall a more specific warning that actually materialized in recent years -- save for the pre-September 11 warnings of Maria Esperanza (also from South America).

But that wasn't all. Between the warning about Haiti and the one about Maderia -- on the 16th of January -- Mary allegedly told Pedro, "Great suffering will come for the inhabitants of Chile. Similar suffering also will come for those who dwell in Lisbon. Pray. Pray. Pray. This is the message I give you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity."

Going back to last autumn, on October 27, the Blessed Mother said, as proclaimed by Pedro, "The day will come when many people will regret a life passed without God, but for many it will be late. Don't let the devil deceive you. Belong to The Lord and transform your lives. Now is the time of Grace. Humanity is going on the path of self-destruction that people have prepared with their own hands. A great suffering will come for those who live in Italy. Something similar will come to those who live in Chile" [our emphasis].

There was no quake in Italy, but there was that second mention of Chile and so one could make an association -- or at least wonder about a future event in Italy (as well as Lisbon).

In fact, the Lisbon mention is a bit unnerving because it was where a great, historic quake caused tremendous destruction on All Saints Day in 1755 as tsunamis struck from Portugal and Spain to north Africa and northward up to England, and even across to parts of the U.S. Ships were yanked from their moorings in Holland, chandeliers swayed across Europe, and a slight shaking was even felt in Pennsylvania. It was a magnitude 8.9 undersea quake, one that could erupt again. Thousands were killed in Portugal.

Was Pedro -- the Blessed Mother -- relating to that, in the warnings that mentioned Chile?

It is certainly food for discernment. Rare are so seeming hits. At the same time, caution is urged because once a prophecy proves true, the next question is the source, at this time of great deception. Skeptics could argue that there are bound to be "hits" because Pedro has mentioned many different places -- including, recently, California, where, he says he was told (on February 2), "The ground will rise and the mountains will descend."

That's disconcerting because California sits on the same "ring of fire" -- the fault line running alongside the Pacific that affects countries from Chile to Japan -- where quakes also have been recently felt.

Indeed, an increasing number of scientists believe one quake can trigger another one far away. Few realize that in 1906, the great San Francisco quake was only one of four similarly major ones that year, including a massive quake in Chile that followed an even larger one in Alaska (magnitude-9.2) by just thirty minutes.

The Chilean quake of 1906 was an 8.2 and destroyed much of Valparaiso.

It is not lost on those seeking irony that the great Alaskan quake of 1964 occurred on Good Friday nor that epicenter of the Chilean quake Saturday was a city, Concepcion, named for the Immaculate Conception.

Do we have a real prophet here? We need to investigate more of his alleged messages. Some seem a bit extreme ("continents will disappear," and "three days of darkness"). We have not yet reviewed them all, nor interviewed the principals. Many messages have to do with great troubles facing the Church. Pedro has been receiving apparitions of the Blessed Mother two to three times a week since October 10, 1987, usually on Tuesday and Saturday and often Thursday as well. The messages are published in Portuguese.

The first in 1987: "I am the Queen of Peace and want all my children to be at my side, to conquer a great evil that can destroy the world. But for this evil not to happen, you must pray and have faith. My children, I desire the conversion of everybody as soon as possible. The world faces great dangers, and to be free from these dangers, you must pray, be converted, and believe in the Word of the Creator, for by praying you will encounter peace for the world. My children, many of you go to church, but you don't go with a pure heart. You go without faith. Many go just to show they are catholic and are in grave error. You should follow only one way, that of truth. There are sons that don't learn to pardon, but you must pardon your neighbor. Emnity is the work of Satan, and he is satisfied when he manages to separate one brother from another. So I ask you with all my heart; burn with love. Be converted. Pray, and learn to pardon your neighbor."

States a former bishop, Don Silvério Albuquerque, of  Feira de Santana: "About the apparition that has been occurring in Angüera for a few years, I have to say that my attitude, to date, has been of prudence, I keep waiting for things to happen and observing them from faraway.

"I have not been present at any of such occurrences, but I know the family very well, and I have already talked to all of its members, including to Pedro, who declares to be visionary. I believe that if it is something actually true, it will continue, getting more and more real. If it is not, just like many other cases, it will fade away. I think that the most important thing is to really have such prudence and not allow to become fanatic. It is also good that we state that this is nothing against Our Lady. We devotedly love Our Lady, who is the Mother of Jesus, Mother of the Church and our Mother, for this reason, we do not need miracles, nor apparitions for us to believe in Our Lady.

"Both in Fatima and in Lourdes there was a lot of opposition, but the truth prevailed, and today, both places are considered as great centers of faith. There are many miracles, I would not say physical miracles, but rather miracles of conversion, even the conversion of physicians who did not believe. I have already reached the conclusion that, from the pastoral point of view, the meeting in Angüera is valid, because it has been doing good. I believe that many conversions have occurred."

[see previous article and alleged messages]

[Michael Brown retreats: St. Augustine, Fl. March 6: the prophetic pulse and St. Louis: March 27]

[Further note: the 1990 prophecy stated, at one point, "know too that God's Hand will be evident in South America." Any relevance?]

[see also: Reputed 'seer' foresaw quakes]

[Further note: Another message, from February: "A frightening event will occur on the old mountain. Behold, mankind is heading towards a great transformation, and people will not have an explication. The times have come which I have announced in the past."

"Old Mountain," we are informed -- stara planina -- is an extension of the Carpathian mountain range. Stara Planina is separated from it by the Danube River. The highest peak of the Stara planina is Botev (2,376 meters), located in the Bulgaria.]

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