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'Perfect Storm' of the Occult About to Break with Release of New Potter Book

By Michael H. Brown

In spiritual warfare there's what I call the "perfect storm." That's when a number of spiritual factors converge into a major maelstrom.

You could also call it the "trial of Job": when suddenly we feel misfortune or attack or oppression from all directions -- one thing after another.

There is an injury in the family. There are financial problems. There are situations in which others seem antagonistic for no reason. There is a plugged sewer. There are arguments, or kids acting strangely, or simply the feeling of a strange, sinister presence.

Shadows everywhere.

We all have gone through runs of "bad luck" -- from time to time we all find ourselves under a cloud -- and often it's difficult to discern why this occurs. Sometimes it's simply a period of testing (again, think Job!). At other times it's our own fault because we've allowed dark forces to infiltrate. This can happen when someone brings occult or pornographic books into a home, views the wrong kind of videos, dabbles in things like astrology, or associates too closely with people who are carrying darkness -- sinfulness, the demonic -- around with them.

From time to time we all encounter such spiritual baggage and that's why prayer, fasting, and Confession are crucial. These cleanse our spirits, repel demons, and heal what may have been damaged -- dispersing the "clouds." It's impossible not to rub up against darkness while we are here on earth and so when you feel something around you, start by asking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, cast out whatever seems to be afflicting you (name it), and plead the Blood of Jesus.

No force in the universe can stand against that!

Persist in prayer and the devil will leave.

Such is especially important because right now our culture is not only infiltrated but permeated with forces of darkness, especially those associated with the occult. However subtle, representations of the dark side now find their way into TV programs, cartoons, fantasy card games, major movies, advertisements, websites, newspaper columns, toys, and even company logos.

The "intellectuals" tell us not to worry: it's just a symbol; it's just entertainment; it's just a book.

But in fact just as anything representative of holiness can bring a feeling of God's grace, something that represents the dark side -- however "innocently" -- can invite darkness.

I say this especially as we get ready for another great onslaught of Harry Potter. A new book based on the young wizard is ready to hit the stores, as well as a flood of  memorabilia -- too much of which, unfortunately, bears a direct connection to the occult. As one newspaper reports, "when the fourth book in the wildly popular Harry Potter series went on sale three years ago, children, parents and bookstore clerks contrived homemade robes, glasses and wizard hats to dress for the occasion. This time, merchandisers are leaving nothing to the imagination. When the next installment, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, goes on sale midnight Friday, fans can buy officially licensed paraphernalia like a Harry Potter robe with built-in 'fiber optic lights,' a battery-powered magic wand with flashing lights and sound effects, and forehead-scar makeup." Harry Potter is everywhere, even ads for Coca Cola.

This is a classic case whereby the occult is deemed acceptable, even by many practicing Christians. That's because they have never personally investigated the occult (or the process of spiritual deliverance). They do not have first-hand experience. Anyone with such experience can sense it. The problem in our society is that we have turned over the ministry of spiritual healing to psychotherapists and others who have no belief or knowledge about the presence of actual metaphysical evil and so discount the actual root of problems that neither psychology nor psychiatry can solve.

This even occurs among priests who have not delved into exorcism.

Those who have (such as the official exorcist of Rome) warn of the risks.

There is no question that Christianity forbids wizardry, astrology, necromancy, and witchcraft, all of which are now abundant in our culture.

And if nothing else, it should give us pause that surveys are showing all the symbols around us -- all the books, all the occult movies and vampires and creatures -- are causing a surge among teens in the practice of wicca.

That's a nice way of saying witchcraft -- which is forming a perfect storm not only in the lives of those who let such things enter their homes but for our society at large.

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