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Last month, when we were at Medjugorje, our priest, Father John McFadden, asked seer Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo about the "permanent sign" long prophesied to occur at the apparition site of Medjugorje. Could it be something related to the statue of Christ that has been exuding a watery substance? Could it be a miracle along that order?

"The sign will be indestructible and permanent," was Mirjana's only answer.

Like the other visionaries, when asked anything about secrets, she replies only in the briefest way. For years they have been asked about the secrets. For years they have patiently answered without infringing in any way on what they have been told. For years their answers have been adroit. But for years they have confirmed that after several warnings are issued to mankind, a supernatural sign of some sort will appear on Apparition Hill, where the Virgin first appeared.

For Mirjana, the sign is involved with the third secret she was given, and others have indicated the same. It's the only secret we know that they share. And the purpose, they say, will be to show once and for all that the Virgin has indeed appeared at this place in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Will the sign be in the heavens or on earth? another seer, Vicka Ivankovic, was once asked.

"On earth," Vicka responded.

Will it come gradually -- or spontaneously?


Will everyone be able to see it?

"Whoever comes here will," said Vicka.

Will it be temporary or permanent?

"Permanent," Vicka responded.

The seer once added that she had at least three visions of it and that she'll see the Virgin less than an hour before the sign appears. She's says it's "very beautiful."

This has led to all sorts of speculation. Will it be a light? Will it be something physical (like the miraculous spring at Lourdes)? Will it be at the exact spot where Mary first appeared, or just generally on the hill?

A third seer, Jakov Colo, once said that even the mayor -- even people of the highest social standing -- will run to the hill. Even they will understand it as what Mirjana described as "a place or occasion to convert."

Back on November 30, 1983, the parish at Medjugorje sent a formal letter to the Pope informing him that the Virgin "has promised to leave a visible sign for all humanity at the site of the apparitions" and that "before the visible sign is given to humanity, there will be three warnings to the world. The warnings will be in the form of events on earth."

There has always been a mystery around this. At times it has seemed as if three warnings will precede, but at other times it has almost been expressed as if the sign itself is part of the third warning. We know from an interview Mirjana granted to a lawyer named Jan Connell  years ago that the secrets will occur in Mirjana's lifetime (she was born in 1965).

 Vicka says that when the permanent sign appears, healings will occur.

But we also know that we're not to become obsessed with either the past or the future. We're to live in the here and now. Today is a period of grace. It's a time for conversion. It's crucial to enlighten unbelievers. These are the ones in the greatest danger. These are the ones who grieve the Blessed Mother the most.

If only each of us could draw one person to Christ, we would rejoice for eternity.

But that still does not answer our question: what could the sign be?


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