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In this interview with renowned TV interviewer Mary Lou McCall, Michael says we are racing blindly towards the types of disasters that swept and changed, that terrified, the ancient world, and he warns that without an urgent turn back to Christ, such events are now set to return. There are video clips you'll never forget. After viewing it, you too will agree that we have strayed and that God is about to put us to the test. CLICK HERE


by Michael H. Brown

"Everybody will be able to see that it's coming from God, that human hands could not make it," says seer Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo of the permanent sign prophesied to occur at Medjugorje. 

It will be "beautiful," says a second seer, Vicka Ivankovic.

There will be healings, says a third, Marija Pavlovic Lunetti.

But when will it occur?

That's the question of the hour: when will the secrets unfold?

And of course no one but those who have been told could provide an answer.

While there has been disappointment among many that so far -- after twenty years -- "nothing" has happened and while many became skeptical because little happened in the year 2000 (as if God operates on the human calendar), I have no doubt that the secrets are real and no doubt that they are still pending.

Mirjana told me that the dates have not altered and can't be.

They will happen and when the first occurs, it will break the power of Satan.

On Monday we'll see an old prophecy from a nun in South America that ties into this. 

Nothing said in the formal messages from Medjugorje has proven to be false, and while there has been confusion in certain things, we can say that Mirjana will live to see the secrets materialize and will inform a priest, Father Petar Ljubicic, ten days before the first is to occur. He is then to pray and fast before releasing the information publicly. Since Father Petar is about sixty, and the life expectancy of Croatian males in 69.3 years, one might speculate that the first secret will occur in the next ten years.

But then again Father Petar (and we certainly hope so!) could live to be 100. He will know the incident in advance and will announce it.

That's Mirjana's first secret. She told me the priest will be privy only to that first one. He may not be privy to the third -- which involves the permanent sign  -- and so all we can say is that this will occur in Mirjana's lifetime. She has said and so has Vicka that they would live to see the secrets.

Mirjana was born in 1965. She's 36. The average life expectancy for a female Croatian is 77.

Rumors swirl around Medjugorje, and one is that a seer will die before the secrets. We've never heard any confirmation of this, and thus caution that at this point it should not be believed. We also caution about other dates. Recently we carried an item about how a seer attached to the Church-approved site of Betania in Venezuela foresaw a special enlightenment from heaven around the year 2004, but this does not necessarily mean an event on earth; she was referring to heavenly light; and we should always bear in mind that heaven follows no earthly timetable. 

Personally, I did not expect the secrets to have occurred by now. In my book The Final Hour, I concluded that they would begin between now and 2040 (see page 338). But I must say that signs in the world are quickening. And as we head into a new world of cloning and stem cells, it will quicken yet more. Soon, an event -- an event attached to a secret -- will be precipitated. 

What does "soon" mean? 

Soon is in our era. Soon is in many of our lifetimes. At Fatima it took 21 years for the prophesied sign in the first two ecrets to occur and 64 years for part of the third secret (which apparently involved the shooting of the Pope in 1981) to materialize. But all occurred in the lifetime of seer Lucia dos Santos. One visionary at Medjugorje has said that if we pray we will in some way understand the secrets for ourselves and most importantly if we pray the Virgin's plan for mankind will be fulfilled. She needs our prayers. She needs them now.

So do unbelievers. It has been said at Medjugorje that when the secrets unfold, those who don't believe will despise themselves for not doing so. For many, it will be too late. Now is the time for decision. Now is the time for conversion. "Our Lady always says, don't talk about secrets but pray," says Mirjana. "'Those who see me as mother and God as Father have no fear of anything.' Our Lady says only those who don't believe have fear." 

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