Vicka reiterates comments on Virgin's 'plan' 


            Medjugorje seer Vicka Ivankovic reiterated to Spirit Daily Wednesday that part of the Blessed Mother's plan is "about to unfold." She added, however, that "Our Blessed Mother did not tell me what part of the plan it was. I will tell you when I know."

          There is no indication that the unfolding of a part of the Virgin's plan will involve the secrets of Medjugorje -- prophecies that have been given to each of the six seers at this famous site in Bosnia-Hercegovina -- and there is no tie-in whatsoever with the year 2000 nor with other more spectacular predictions.

          The seers have always warned about overexpectation, exaggeration, and setting deadlines. They say only that events will occur within their lifetimes (they're now in their thirties). Although the word "soon" has been used, this has been said for years now and reminds us that in heaven's terminology, "soon" can even mean decades.

          But speculation is intense that in some way, large or small, matters are beginning to shift at Medjugorje, where the Virgin has appeared since 1981, and this has come in part because of a recent message in which the Virgin mentioned a "new time." 

       "Dear children!  Today I desire to open my motherly heart to you and to call you all to pray for my intentions," she had said. "I desire to renew prayer with you and to call you to fast which I desire to offer to my Son Jesus for the coming of a new time - a time of spring. In this Jubilee year many hearts have opened to me and the Church is being renewed in the Spirit. I rejoice with you and I thank God for this gift; and you, little children, I call to pray, pray, pray - until prayer becomes a joy for you."

          Speculation has likewise been heightened because of the death last week of Father Slavko Barbaric, a long-time spiritual director of the apparitions. (See also story on Medjugorje and the bishop)

       In the early days of the apparitions the Blessed Mother spoke about "plans" in terms of the local parish, the apparitions, the conflict against Satan, and "God's design for the salvation of mankind." She has often asked for prayers so that her plan can be fulfilled -- without revealing, at least to the public at large, what the plan involves.


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