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Pigrims Claim Thay Saw 'Sun Miracle Just  In Krawkow After John Paul's Death

Constant are the reports that the sun appears to act in a strange way. Since the famous sun miracle at Fatima, Portugal, and especially since similar claims from Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina, millions have claimed to see the sun pulsate or move or toss off splendiferous colors.  The photo to the left was shot in the United States last year while an allegedly gyrating sun was also witnessed (below left) in Smith, Nevada, at 12:05 p.m. on May 13 -- the anniversary of the first Fatima apparition and a day in which many reported grace worldwide (if our mail is any indication). "My wife and I were in awe of this event!" writes Rudy Acosta. "We then prayed the Rosary to Our Lady of Fatima."

It is a time of grace. God is showing those who are open to Him that He is very present in these turbulent times. Some feel they are prompted in the spirit to "prepare."

Meanwhile, a group of 37 pilgrims asserts that during a trip to Poland, they were witness to incredible signs in the sun.

"We were in Krakow from Saturday, April 2, until Thursday, April 7," says Judy Salmon of San Diego. "We had specifically gone there to be a part of the Divine Mercy Sunday celebration at the Shrine of Divine Mercy and also to visit many of the important sites in the life of Pope John Paul II. These days turned out to be very memorable for all of us because we were in Krakow when our beloved Pope passed away.

"On Monday April 4, the morning after Divine Mercy Sunday, many of us were at breakfast or had just finished breakfast at our hotel," she continues. "The Divine Mercy shrine is located approximately ten blocks away from the hotel and its spiral tower is clearly visible from there. I was inside finishing breakfast when one of our 'pilgrims' ran into the dining room and said to come outside because the sun was spinning."

Judy immediately ran outside and saw others staring up at the sun.

Then she noticed too.

"I saw a very bright light coming from the sun and at first I had trouble looking at it," she recounts. "The others told me to keep looking and within twenty seconds I saw the bright rays of the sun recede and I was able to look directly at the sun. It was still a very brilliant white and it reminded me of a Host.

"I thought that this was incredible -- that I could look at it without hurting my eyes -- but most startling was the fact that I saw the sun pulsating in and out.

"What came to mind was that it seemed like a beating heart. In time I also saw a distinct cross behind the sun, beautiful colors in the sky, and a bright ray of light shining directly down onto the spiral tower of the Divine Mercy shrine. Some of us who saw this believed that it was a gift that was given to Poland from Pope John Paul II and we also felt very blessed to see it."

Others recounted a gold color around the sun, a white disc, a pink area, and even saw the orb turn blue -- allegedly. This pilgrim also saw a small white monstrance above and to the left of the solar disc.

The descriptions are highly similar to what has been reported at Medjugorje and also at apparition sites such as Betania in Venezuela.


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