When someone has a spirit attached to him, it may be because the person is stagnant. Set in place. Doing little, accomplishing less. Living in sort of a holding pattern.

Think of a pond that is stagnant.

What does it attract? What do un-refreshed, dead-still bodies of water look like?

They collect what some call "pond scum." Dead-men's bones. Algae that turns brown. It cakes and decays, algae does, on the surface -- sometimes so thick it smothers fish and other creatures underneath, preventing oxidation and sucking up what oxygen there is in the water. On it roam spiders and other insects, some that sting, some that may have a small amount of venom.

Along stagnant ponds and trenches rats scurry; ants build hills; and mice have colonies. At night, bats wing over them. There are no fruits: nothing healing.

You get the point?

All of us have access to living waters. It takes effort to keep them flowing -- but it's what God intends.

Keep the flow going by praying to the Holy Spirit and reading Scripture daily.

Keep it going by getting out there and helping others; by finding out about people; by sending love; by learning new things. One does much who prays for everyone.

The worst lie is the one we tell ourselves.

While "still waters run deep," it turns detrimental unless refreshed by the Source, by a spring underneath, unless there is movement. People who go nowhere, who do nothing, who decide life is over, or that they don't want to do much with it, can turn stagnant and attract the spiritual version of vermin. Often, a water snake finds a hiding place. There is quicksand.

That's just the opposite of waters that move. Think of the power of Niagara! Think of Heaven and the "living waters." Think of crystal-clear springs fed by deep caverns. Think of the ocean and its waves: constantly in motion and generating life and energy and exhilaration and sustenance as a result. What is inside us -- our essence -- attracts what is outside of us.

Resolve never to become stagnant!  Keep your interests alive. Find areas of new fascination. Expand spiritually. Never settle into "retirement." We're not done until we leave this earth! Decide to die with joy and your boots on.

  "Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, know that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve." Colossians 3:23-34 (NASB)

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