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Would a laboratory, pharmaceutical company, or government agency knowingly unleash a virus -- or other pathogen -- onto an unsuspecting public?

Or, would anyone manipulate -- has anyone ever manipulated -- vaccines so that they cause harmful effects?

A more realistic query: are run-of-the-mill vaccinations helpful -- or dangerous?

The questions have arisen in line with the coming vaccine for swine flu, which is new and thus raising some apprehensions.

In a new age of distrust, many believe the flu has been overhyped to force people into taking unnecessary vaccinations (either to pump profits into pharmaceutical companies, or, more cynically, as population reduction on the way to a controlled world: to harm the public). Dark theories there are -- astonishingly dark ones.

There is absolutely no evidence that any government agency has ever willfully subjected its public-at-large, the entire population, to a virus (such as are engineered in DNA labs as bio-warfare pathogens), nor is there evidence that common vaccines ever have been fashioned in such a way as to create what some call a "soft kill": the reduction of population in a non-violent manner.

We do not view our government this way. We don't want to view it this way.

So, based on the evidence, we can say that such fears are, for the moment, unfounded. Indeed, it may be more dangerous for some people (especially the elderly) not to take a vaccination than to have one, at least in cases of serious influenza (the jury is out on that one).

But there are reasons that folks have grown skeptical, there are reasons they ask these questions; and in some cases, surprisingly, the concerns themselves are not quite as outlandish as they initially seem.

Indeed, there have been instances whereby viruses have been inserted -- knowingly or unknowingly -- into vaccines themselves, or where government has created new vaccines with adverse repercussions.

Just recently, in Europe, the World Health Organization acknowledged that "mock-up" vaccines containing an active ingredient for the flu virus -- one that has not circulated in years -- was included by a pharmaceutical company in a vaccine for another, more common virus in order "to shorten the time between the emergence of a pandemic virus and the availability of safe and effective vaccines." In other words, as a way to hasten approval. Also, in recent times, a pharmaceutical company based in Deerfield, Illinois, reportedly was caught shipping live avian flu viruses mixed with vaccine material to medical distributors in 18 countries. 

That was claimed as a mistake, but there is apprehension about private and government motives when one recalls that the U.S. government itself once allowed nearly four hundred black men in Alabama (see: Tuskegee) to go untreated for syphilis because it wanted to study the long-term effect on humans of that disease. Meanwhile, a mental hospital in Illinois once fed patients milk from cows with TB with the idea that the genetically strong would be immune. These are historical facts. They are also manifestations of evil.

"In a 1977 special report to Congress, the U.S. Army admitted conducting hundreds of chemical and biological warfare tests, including at least 25 that deliberately targeted the unsuspecting public," asserts a website, Race and History. "The military disclosed evidence that it had released disease-causing germs in at least 48 open-air tests. (U.S. Army Activity in the U.S. Biological Warfare Programs, 1942-1977. Vols 1 and 2, February 24, 1977). 

"In 1994, Senator John D. Rockefeller's report (Examining Biological Experimentation on U.S. Military) further revealed that over the previous fifty years, the U.S. military intentionally exposed hundreds of thousands of their own soldiers to dangerous microbes, mustard and nerve gas, radiation, hallucinogens, and psychochemicals." 

Those are the claims. In Viet Nam, there was the cover-up of Agent Orange.

But -- again -- the public at large?

Here too there is evidence that on a small scale such has occurred.

In 1931, Rockefeller University in New York financed experiments in Puerto Rico whereby a doctor named Cornelius Rhoads  "deliberately infected his subjects with cancer cells to see what would happen," reports a researcher named F. William Engdahl. Allegedly, eight (some say 13) died.

That makes the mind wonder because the Rockefellers have a long, well-documented history of involvement in forming a new world order and in population reduction to protect resources and facilitate that more orderly world (from invention of contraceptive means to the funding of eugenics).

In one case, charges Engdahl, the Rockefeller Foundation funded a program to develop a vaccine that caused abortions. This occurred "in the early 1990s, according to a report from the Global Vaccine Institute, when the World Health Organization oversaw massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines."

Suspicious because the vaccine included something called hCG -- a hormone critical in maintaining a pregnancy -- Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization, investigated and found that combined with a tetanus vaccine, the hormone caused a woman's body to turn against both tetanus and the crucial hormone, rendering the woman incapable of maintaining an unborn child. The vaccine was given only to women of child-bearing age -- not to men or children.

None of the women were told they were being injected an abortion agent along with a vaccination.

The Rockefeller Foundation -- which has also worked feverishly to build a single world government (founding organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group) -- had worked for twenty years to develop an anti-fertility vaccine, says Engdahl. In another case, under the U.S. government's Special Virus Cancer Program, influenza or similar viruses were combined with quick-acting leukemia bugs to deliver weapons that potentially spread cancer like the flu -- by sneezing.

Meanwhile, there have been suspicious outbreaks of "mad-cow" disease among deer and cattle near U.S. military facilities (where also strange cattle mutilations take place, as if something may have escaped and is being monitored among livestock by sampling tissues such as eyelids).

When swine flu erupted last spring, it bore DNA signatures that some saw as indications it had been bio-engineered.

And so those who worry about any big push for vaccinations are right to at least investigate further -- and most importantly, pray about it.

If it wasn't for vaccines, we must recall, many would have suffered polio. Or have developed measles (which can themselves cause infertility). Many would have died from influenza (which as it is takes 60,000 lives a year in the United States).

Still, at a time when there is such a push for population control and a new world order (which the Rockefellers have been so instrumental in advocating), and at a time when Big Business (including Big Pharma) are so dominant, there is reason for the skepticism.

Many are those who assert that the vaccines pushed upon the public during the 1990s have led to an explosion of autism. That, they claim, is due to the mercury and aluminum used in modern vaccines for such things as mumps, measles, and rubella, many of which are derived from cell lines originating, ironically, with aborted fetuses.

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