By Michael H. Brown

Many are those who come to us at this time with problems that involve evil. I'm speaking about both generic evil and also problems caused by actual evil spirits. It is a time, in the words of the Virgin of Medjugorje, when the devil is "unchained," and he has caused problems for all of us. He causes divisions in our families, jealousies, anger, problems at work, anxiety, depression, and especially confusion. This is his special hallmark, confusion, and right now we see a cloud of perplexity and confusion over the U. S.

In some cases his presence is clearly discernible, while at other times he comes with great stealth. Without our knowing that it's him, he causes the anxiety, division, and argumentation. He darkens us. He does so to entire societies. He tempts us to sin. On September 11 there was not just a physical darkness from the smoke at the World Trade Center but also a shroud of perplexity and confusion that descended. And it has affected most people. More than anything we are under spiritual attack, and we need to break it. We need to dispel the darkness. We need clarity.

There are many ways this is done, but most powerful is through the Blood of Christ. 

By meditating on Christ's Blood, by pleading it, by washing ourselves in it, we banish evil. The devil can not take this. It's what defeated him -- drop by drop -- at Calvary. It's what flowed into every part of the Savior's body, and what was shed for the salvation of the whole world. It is the holiness of the soil of Israel!

And the most powerful way that we can invoke that precious Blood is during Mass. Bring your problems to church. Bring your fears. Bring the afflictions the devil causes and break them during Consecration. When the priest raises that chalice, or when you drink from the cup, there is your opportunity to banish evil. There is your chance to dispel problems or habits or attacks that haunt you. There is your chance to get in all your needs. Adore the Blood and invoke it and cover yourselves in the power that breaks all bonds and dispels all confusion. Every drop is more potent than all the evil demons can conjure. They can do nothing in the face of it. 

 Plead it all day. Plead it at the first sign of evil. If you have evil in your lives -- if you're hurt, or confused, or perplexed, or frightened, or sick, or fatigued-- take these matters to the Eucharist and dispel them. Plead that the Blood of Christ washes all evil from you and you'll find that bondages are broken and light shines and a curtain of darkness and spiritual blindness is lifted. This is why blood is seen in Eucharistic miracles. It is to remind us of what's behind the Eucharist; it's to assure us; it's to let us glimpse a power that transcends the entire universe.

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