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A number of times, during the past year or so, we have expressed an impression or "word" to the effect that the world faces an "upheaval." Does what is occurring in the Middle East and even in parts of the West (like Greece, and to a far lesser extent, Wisconsin) qualify as fulfillment or are these situations the precursors of future (perhaps near-future) events?

The questions are among those in our mailbag.

Frets one well-known blog: "The chaos in the Middle East is a trigger. It is a distraction. Watch China. It is secretly pressuring U.S. as holders of our debt wanting to buy up companies and blocking corruption probes and anti-trust issues. The globalists are teaming up with China and muscling out the U.S. -- the designed decline of the U.S. The standard currency of the world is crude oil! The Muslim Brotherhood is being supported by the elite who have the crude oil in the palm of their hand. What is happening in Egypt, Libya, and United Arab Emirates will spread over into the entire Arab world. The Elite (OPEC) of the world plan to double cross the Arabs. The Arab world will go back to the way it was. There will be all out anarchy all over the world.  The U.S. is set up to be the enemy."

We have to be cautious, when there is such a fevered pitch. We know that major events and changes are on the way. But how soon? How major?

It is good to keep in mind because consider just a few of the recorded prophetic missteps. To wit (as a television magazine points out):

-- Jehovah's Witnesses wrongly predicted doomsdays in 1874, 1881, 1914, 1920, and a number of times since. "Their most recent date to come and go without a bang was 1994," it notes. 

-- When Hale-Bopp appeared in the mid-1990s -- hanging there in the sky (as Halley's did before the Fall of Jerusalem) -- many worried that The End was nigh.

-- An age-old Syrian text predicted the end was near -- in 2,800 B.C.

-- Before the first atomic bomb test, some feared it would set off a chain reaction that would devastate earth.

-- Protestant minister William Miller once predicted the "rapture" for between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844. "Newspaper reports of the time claim he had about 100,000 followers who quit being productive citizens in apocalyptic anticipation," notes the article. "When the date passed, Miller rescheduled for October but was wrong again."

-- In 1919, meteorologist Albert Porta scared a lot of folks when he said the coming alignment of six planets would create a magnetic current that could pierce the sun and create solar flares large enough to engulf the earth.  

There was Comet Kahoutec. There was Y2K. Now, there is 2012. And the Hadron Collider (near Geneva, Switzerland, which many fear can cause a chain reaction in the same way they feared that occur with The Bomb).

Do the past misses negate prophecy?

They do not. For one thing, they are not coming from the Blessed Mother (in a credible setting). But she indicates we do face major changes. We can also note the signs around us. And the fact that while the world did not "end" with past predictions, often, such prophecies were followed by major transformations. One example: around 2300 B.C. "something happened to Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Turkey, and Crete," noted Sent To Earth. "Something truly momentous. There was a dramatic change. There was a tremendous alteration of the weather. There were what appeared to be widespread, unrelenting disasters. There was general upheaval in climate. People fled what are known as the Habur and Assyrian plans, and the Old World collapsed. The world's first urban civilizations -- the Old Kingdom in Egypt, the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia, the early societies in Greece, Turkey, and Israel -- all fell at once."

At a number of points through history, events like gyrations in climate or even what scientists speculate were small asteroids hitting the Atlantic have caused effects unlike any modern man has seen. It had seemed like the "end of the world" -- for those in particular regions.

If we can squeeze down and concentrate all the recent indications -- both from Catholic prophecy and elsewhere -- there is reason to believe that major change (not to say the end of the world) is very much on the horizon again.

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