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With storms pounding at us it in an extraordinary manner, perhaps it's time to review the prophetic pulse, even though we did that recently.

While we have often said that tornadoes and other events in nature can be expected in the natural course of life on earth, many people (according to a poll, the majority of Americans) now realize that as predicted these events are coming one after another in a very unusual way with a ferocity that was also projected (see Tower of Light and Sent To Earth): it is one thing to have record winter cold and quakes from Haiti to New Zealand and economic gyrations and then the tsunami and an ongoing "Chernobyl" (with unknown future consequences), but quite another when the events all crowd into such a small time span.

The signs are all around us. The time spans have continually shortened -- while the events themselves have intensified. And those events are being noticed by increasing numbers; the majority of Americans now believe they have spiritual implications. Last week, more than two hundred tornadoes in another record outbreak. There has not been another three-day period in which so many tornados were spawned by a single storm system. A famous one in 1974 spawned nearly a hundred less.

Can folks really (prophetically) see ahead?

A stir was created around the time of the financial crash (which is also not over) when it was shown that an evangelical preacher named David Wilkerson had long before foreseen just such a crash. He seemed to miss on a subsequent next prophecy when, on March 23, 2009, he sent an "urgent" warning that an earth-shattering event was about to happen. "For ten years I have been warning about a thousand fires coming to New York City," he said in his missive to followers. "It will engulf the whole megaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. Major cities all across America will experience riots and blazing fires ó such as we saw in Watts, Los Angeles, years ago. There will be riots and fires in cities worldwide. There will be looting ó including Times Square, New York City. What we are experiencing now is not a recession, not even a depression. We are under Godís wrath. In Psalm 11 it is written, 'If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?' (v. 3). It is going to be so frightening, we are all going to tremble -- even the Godliest among us."

The time-frame was off-base -- obviously, no earth-shattering event was imminent, at least not back two years ago, in the normal use of the word "imminent" (or "urgent") -- but we have long learned to disregard time-frames while looking at the essence of a "prophecy."

Probably, essentially, Wilkerson is right. Three major events will be seen before the major one is experienced in North America, is our expectation. Call it guesswork. It's interesting that Dr. Howard Storm -- the former atheist who turned into a minister after a near-death trip toward hell -- says he was shown during that experience the future of our nation and similar domestic disturbances -- including people "killing each other over a cup of gasoline." Last week, there a gas attendant in Fort Lee, New Jersey, was injured trying to halt a motorist from fleeing without paying for a mere twenty dollars in gasoline.

Where we differ with Wilkerson: we don't believe the "Godliest" (if anyone can judge who those are) will tremble at anything. 

The events show us that time frames with prophecy can be very problematic -- we are plagued with premature expectation -- but that the foreseen trends do sometimes occur,  as they will in the future but now -- if we can indulge -- at a quicker rate. The sheer magnitude of some -- especially footage of the Japanese tsunami (showing how easily our SUVs can be tossed around) -- has caused many Catholics to lend their own views on what may happen.

"I recently had an experience that I wouldnít call a vision, but more like an inner impression, that lasted about two seconds, of what America will be like in the 'era of Peace,'" wrote a third-order Carmelite from Long Island. "It surprised me the amount of information I absorbed in that short period of time. It was impressed upon me that America still existed from coast to coast, meaning from the Atlantic to the Pacific, but great geographic changes had occurred.  The changes were brought about primarily through natural disasters (earthquakes, floods), but I canít tell you where in the country it happened Ė I just knew that it was necessary for purification and renewal. The social order was completely Christian, and the country was no longer a Republic, but more like a Kingdom. Black Americans had their own separate nation-state in the southeast of the country Ė separate, independent, but a part of the commonwealth of nation-states within the American Kingdom. American Indians also had a separate nation-state in the west. Now I know that the Black and Indian people live across the entire country, but for some reason my attention was drawn to the Southeast and West. Both peoples had requested self-determination, and in justice, it was granted to them, but both remained a part of the whole. I donít know why the focus was on these two peoples, but my sense was that we could not have harmony until there was a 'balancing of the scales,' and I can only assume that the rest of the people were living together in what remained of the country in other nation-states but the specifics were not revealed. Overall the society was in the main agricultural, and prosperous, and peaceful. The feeling was that all was well."   

For our discernment. Some seems odd. Many are on edge. Wrote Kathy Beickert of Cary, North Carolina, "Steady rumble this morning, around 6:30 a.m. Couldn't figure out what it was, so I just went outside to listen, and kind of waited for it get louder, or lessen, if it were a aircraft of some sort that would pass over, or some heavy machinery in the area, but it didn't change, just a steady sort of a noise, like a cross between a rumble and a booming sound, but then it just stopped. Don't know how long it was going on for, since it woke me. I heard it for only about eight or ten minutes after waking. It could have been something explainable, but when I woke up to the sound, it reminded me of the sound on the video of that noise in Florida, but not as dramatic and loud.  It was probably nothing, but, then again, I'm not so sure. I'm not sure of anything anymore, (other than my faith), and nothing surprises me. Like I'm just waiting, for what, I don't know, but there is such a sense of something coming, that it is almost palpable."

There is that one essential "pulse": something looms. The questions: how and what and when? Far-off rumbles. Echoes.


Is one of the signs strange lights in the sky?

There are certainly enough such reports -- and worries about "planet xs" and comets.

"At approximately 5:20 p.m. Pacific time, December 8, 2010, my husband and I were traveling west and making a left turn onto busy Sepulveda Boulevard in west Los Angeles," wrote Karen Joyce. "Straight ahead of us was the view of the crescent moon and a beautiful twilight sky. While waiting to make our turn we saw a bright spot in the sky falling toward the ocean but near the coastline. It appeared to be an object that looked like a falling star as it was a bright ball with a tail that was equally bright. However, it was too near to earth to be a star or comet. Also it dropped for a time and then slowed and turned toward the north and then disappeared behind some coastal stratus. With the disappearance of that orb, a second ball fell from the sky looking exactly like the first and traveled approximately the same path. At a certain point in the sky, it also slowed as if it was controlled and turned to the north for a short while and then disappeared. These were too large and too close to be stars or comets but they had the appearance of a comet or depictions of comets with a large tail.  We reported this sighting to the local NBC station tonight and they had no other reports of such a sighting. The station contacted me and said they were going to consult the Griffith Park Observatory to see if any such sighting was made from there. My husband is a former pilot for United Airlines where he flew airliners for 35 years. He has seen many heavenly sights but nothing quite like the objects that we witnessed that night. He is also an electronic engineer that worked in the aerospace field before becoming a pilot. He also belongs to the observatory as a member. We are both familiar with the night sky and know the constellations and normal heavenly bodies that are visible on any given night. This was totally different from anything either of us has ever seen."


Strange lights were also seen during the great medieval chastisements [see: The Last Secret].


As for the economy, there is always anxiety there, but now more in a long-term way, especially about food price (and shortages).


"I wanted to share with you a dream I had in the early morning hours of  Monday, November 8, 2010," says a Pennsylvania viewer. "Normally I don't usually place much stock in dreams, but since I rarely if ever dream, and this dream was so real and disturbing, I felt I must send it to you just in case if it was more then 'just a dream.'


"In the dream, I found myself in a grocery store doing some food shopping. (Usually my wife does the food shopping, but for some reason I was doing the shopping this time.) As I began looking at the food on the shelves, I noticed that the price tags that are usually placed on the rack under the food items were missing. As I looked closer, I took notice that all the items' prices were blacked out and a new price was placed on the items that was higher then the original... much higher. I was looking at price tags in the $20s, $40s, and even $60s for items that I knew had recently cost just a few dollars just weeks earlier. And even worse, this was the cost for just the bare ingredients...  flower, sugar. I found myself trying to figure out how to feed my family of six with only a few hundred dollars, knowing that I'd be lucky to come home with more then one grocery bag of basic ingredients. The shelves did have food on them, but no one could afford to buy them."


Added yet one more: "About five days before the Japanese quakes, I had rented a DVD entitled 'The Cove.' It was a documentary movie about Japanese's killing dolphins and the sea turns red with blood of dolphins. Yes, I am compassion and understanding toward hungry people and I know people come first.  But, watching the documentary and how those fishermen just killing the dolphins over and over again hundreds and more cornered and blocked with nets so they can't escape. I was so angry that I shouted, 'Woe to Japan! The cruelty must stop! They must pay for the pain they caused!' You must see the documentary to understand. In Japan, no children suffer because of lack of food at least before the quakes on March 11th. They need our prayers. The cruelty is not necessary."

Asked Sue Melefsky: "My daughter, Amanda, is in New York City. She got a revelation that God is taking his hands off of parts of the world. About a year ago in our prayer group, I saw Jesus with His Hands lightly on the sides of the world with His back toward me. He has His head down as if in anguish on the top of the world. Could it be that our God is distraught by man who wants to be so in control? Abortion, relativism, greed and materialism?"

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