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By Michael H. Brown

Currently I'm working on a book about prophecy and we are also contemplating a regular monthly or weekly audio report that would be made available on the subject. We'll see. Intriguing it is, in this realm, how prophecy from non-Catholic Christians -- even evangelicals who so often are critical of Catholicism -- are "receiving" the same "prompts" in the spirit.

The Holy Ghost speaks to everyone -- if only we would listen. We have the tremendous advantage of the Blessed Virgin Mary -- Prophetess and Queen of Prophets. Whatever others are getting, there is a flow and power to her words that's not seen elsewhere (period).

When I look back at past books of prophecy we have published, especially The Final Hour, which quotes the Blessed Mother from 1830 right up to the 1990s (the "age of Mary"), it's amazing what pops out at you, and is often like reading it for the first time. Many of the Virgin Mary's messages resonate much louder now than at the time the book was published, as events unfold around us and as we view her messages in retrospect.

Anyway, let's view one Protestant one (presumed to be from the Lord):

"The happy days of America will become bygones, never to return again. So will it be for every nation that forgets Me and turns from My righteous ways to their own ways, and to wickedness.

"Rise up, My people. Rise up to your places in this world for the battle is beginning and it rages all around you in the spiritual realm already. You cannot see those who fight for you to keep you safe, who fight for Me and My Kingdom.

"The enemy of your souls lurks in the darkness, in crevices and cracks in your lives -- places where you have not yet allowed Me to shine My light and cleanse you. These will be the cracks he slips through to destroy you in months to come if you do not lay down your sins and turn to Me with repentant hearts. Partial repentance is not enough -- I require an upright heart of you, not a heart of wicked schemes. You cannot serve Me and the enemy of your souls. You must choose. The time quickly approaches when there will be no more time to choose; you must choose now if you are to be safe.

"Plans are being made behind the scenes that will lead to destruction. Many lives shall be lost. The enemy seeks to sift you, and He shall be allowed to sift some of you that you may come up higher with Me. He will be allowed to attack many of you because you will read this and refuse still to give up your sinful ways. You justify your sin in your minds and think it does not matter, but truly I tell you, you shall answer to Me for every sin of which you do not honestly repent before Me.

"In the times that are coming there will be no room for sin in your lives. How can you serve two masters who are at war with each other? You must choose one side or the other, or be [destroyed] in the crossfire."

This is certainly very similar, in some regards, to the many Marian apparitions and locutions that have pronounced a time of great spiritual warfare during which -- as Sister Lucia of Fatima once said -- we must choose one side or the other.

That's the spiritual-warfare element. Tied into it are events in nature. A person must always pay attention -- as far as natural disasters -- to the Ring of Fire that serves as a seismic rim for the Pacific. More than two-thirds of the planet's earthquakes occur along this zone of tectonic plate movement, including the biggest on record.

It is where Fukushima happened. It is connected to the great San Francisco quake. It was behind the infamous Good Friday quake in Alaska and one around the same time in Chile in the 1960s that registered as the most powerful since the advent of modern recording instruments.

Have you noticed all the "little" quakes in recent weeks along this rim, from Japan and Indonesia to Alaska, California, and South America? Report just today (4/25/12): "Residents at the foot of Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano no longer sleep soundly since the towering mountain roared back into action over a week ago, spewing out a hail of rocks, steam and ash."

And could there possibly be something about all these reports of unusual rumblings -- around the world -- that could be related to what's occurring deep in the earth?

Maria Esperanza once said the earth's core was "out of balance."

In our mailbag, one woman writes: "I am the one who sent you a debunking video on the strange sounds," she wrote. "Well, this afternoon, at 12:00 p.m. I was in my kitchen when I started to hear a strange rumbling sound from outside. I have three little boys who were making their usual racket, so I asked them to please go upstairs for a few minutes, so that I could listen better. I heard it a couple more times. It was a rumble that would last a few seconds then silence then the same rumble. I opened my kitchen window and it happened two more times. I called the boys back in because I wanted to see if they could also hear it. By the time I quieted them (not a small task) and had them listening there was nothing. My littlest one said 'What?  And I said, 'Oh, I just thought I heard a noise.' Then my seven year old said, 'Did it sound like a tornado?'  And I said, 'Yes, did you hear it?' And he said, 'Yes, I heard it when I was in the living room.'

"Now, I will say, it did sound like a tornado, but it did not sound like it was about to come through the house; it was distant. Also, it is cloudy today. There is no rain forecast, just partly sunny. And that's what it is, just a little cloudy. So, maybe it was distant thunder, but it was strange and it didn't seem like there should be thunder to me (NOT a meteorologist though.)  Anyway, probably nothing, but since I shared a skeptical video with you, I felt like I should share my experience that made me go hmmm. I live in Roswell, Georgia, and this happened on Friday 2/10/12 at just before 12:15.  Anyway, I am sure it was nothing; people were not running outside to see what the rumbling was.  But it was similar to some of the videos that I have seen, not the ones that sound like that crazy alien movie, but a couple of the more subtle sounds that have been posted."

Are seismic zones -- though at a distance -- connected? Could rumblings on the Ring of Fire cause movements elsewhere?

The greatest volcanoes in history have occurred on this ring. I'll never forget flying in a helicopter over the Kilauea volcano on the southeastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii some years back and watching molten lava course down the mountain into surrounding ravines in the countryside. (At the top, amid the blackened landscape, were the remains of old pagan altars.)

Later, in a car, I drove a lonely road down to the sea and watched as the fiery lava poured from a cliff into the Pacific, causing a surreal steam to rise.

It was like the end of the earth. This is a part of the island called the Southern Flank that is slowly (but surely) separating from the rest of the land and one day could collapse into the ocean as a gigantic boulder so massive that experts told me it might send a tsunami all the way to New Zealand and possibly up to southern California. It's called the "Hilina Slump." This has happened at least a dozen times in prehistory, as evidenced in boulders they find at the bottom of the Pacific.

In Hawaii, landslides of this nature are called debris avalanches. Can you imagine boulders the size of a skyscrapers falling with such force as to roll along the bottom of the pressure-filled Pacific for miles?

It's always unlikely to happen in our lifetimes. But... Look back at the messages in The Final Hour and Tower of Light.

When it comes to prophecy, expect the unexpected.

"If the entire Hilina Slump did slide into the ocean at once, it could cause an earthquake in excess of a 9 in magnitude and a megatsunami," notes an online encyclopedia. "Previous mega-tsunamis in Hawaii 110,000 years ago caused by similar geological phenomena created waves 1,600 feet. Were such a mega-tsunami to occur again, it would threaten the entire Pacific Rim."

If nothing else, it teaches us that we can never fully know what to expect. Nature has many secrets. She also has many surprises.

[Further note: In one case, The Final Hour seemed unintentionally to stumble upon the "third secret" of Fatima, when it alluded to the possibility of the prophecy, as yet unreleased, being related to fire. An angel ready to torch the earth ended up being in that secret, and also unintentional was how a flaming sword -- as in the secret -- appeared years before the secret's release as the art for the cover of Prayer of the Warrior -- which was dedicated (and sent) to Sister Lucia (who graciously acknowledged it).

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