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We keep hearing so many "rumblings." There were unusual "rumblings" in New Jersey last week. Just a distant sonic boom? There was an earthquake in Mexico City where the basilica housing the Guadalupe image is located (this on a weekend of the annual celebration). "Rumbling" is a word that was used by the holy nun Sister Mary of St. Peter in the "Golden Arrow" revelations.  "Our Lord revealed to Sister Mary that the rumbling storm about which He warned was close at hand," says the appendix to her autobiography about a message to her on February 13, 1848.


In that case, "rumbling" [our italics] was a metaphor. Right after that, there was a serious revolution in Paris that caused tremendous turmoil and overthrew the king. You could certainly call that a rumbling!


Is it always a metaphor?


In the 1990 prophecy, there is a line referring to alleged coming chastisements and how purportedly they "will differ according to regions, and like the great evil, will not always or usually be immediately noticeable for what they are.


"In the period also will be a warning that involves not fire from the sky but fear of fire from the sky, and strange loud rumblings."


And so it may seem strange that we hear so frequently (nearly weekly) about inexplicable rumblings or subterranean sounds from various spots across North America (and for all we know elsewhere), sounds that even catch the attention of local newspapers. Do they mean anything beyond the fact that news travels a lot faster and far more furiously these days?

Perhaps, there is meaning. Perhaps it relates to what the great Maria Esperanza from Venezuela prophesied: that the earth's core is out of balance. Perhaps the rumbling will one day come from the depths.

There may be surprises in store for seismologists.

A later prophecy linked to the above also mentioned that "when the huge light is seen, I will act in a way I have not acted before," ostensibly referring to the Lord (Who we do believe speaks to His prophets -- although the question is always who the real prophets and prophecies are).

We have long said that events would "graduate" or intensify over time (as opposed to an immediate hammer) and those who have become indifferent to prophecy because there has yet not been a "high-point" event should revisit those words (see Sent To Earth and Tower of Light). Gradual intensification.

Are strange lights reported so often (more frequently even than those rumblings) artifacts of the internet (and sometimes Photoshop) or precursors -- as strange aerial lights seemed to form a prelude to major events, including disasters, in the Middle Ages?


One day, we will know; for now, we do not despise alleged prophetic utterance. "I read your article about strange lights in Jersey," wrote one viewer. "I saw them too. The sky turned green for a few seconds about the same time as reported in the article. I live in Rutherford, about an hour Northeast of Bridgewater (the town mentioned in the article). My windows face west. I was up and happened to be looking out when the sky just turned a bright green for a few seconds then went away. Thought I was seeing things. Never happened again. Then I forgot about it until I read your article. Didn't last as long as people in the videos, but I definitely saw it. Just for your information" [above left, northern lights over Norway].

We are slow to discount such reports as meaningless because it was an incredible display of what they called the aurora borealis or "northern lights" that Sister Lucia dos Santos cited in 1939 as the prophesied sign of Fatima. There was also a lunar eclipse last week, as occurs, of course, periodically. But some of the photography [above left] is fetching.


Now: Why is God so gradual? Why so many years of "warnings"? Why so many years of what may or may not be signs?


The Lord does nothing without informing His servants the prophets.


Again, who are the real servants?


The internet is certainly filled with ominous warnings, and it's impossible to choose between them. One reputed Polish prophet has even devised prayers [below] for the "warning" (some believe in a singular event).


"This universal Warning will be a great test for the conscience of humanity, it will not be, however, something that will alter the course of the catastrophic events that we must confront, rather it will be an opportunity to change our view concerning this reality, being able to gain from it immense spiritual benefits," proclaims another viewer who asserts mystical events (as do so many in our time; for our very careful discernment).

"I felt in my being anguish, as though something was coming closer to me, but I could not tell what it was… like something frightful, something distressful that I couldn’t figure out, though I knew something was going to happen. It was something that made my heart beat rapidly. I was in this state for around twenty minutes; then the anxiousness began to increase; I started to feel as though my soul was leaving me, because little by little I felt a terrible loneliness that was not only filling my spiritual being, but my physical body as well. Then I felt a dreadful loneliness. The anxiety had me walking to and fro because each time the loneliness grew greater I was totally aware that God was not in my being; my soul was desolated, anguished. I walked seeking consolation and couldn't find it; the loneliness, the emptiness was greater each time... And as in a movie, all the sins started to weave within me, perhaps the gravest that men could commit: I felt or I should say was experiencing everything because I felt them and I was living them as my own. I felt what goes through the mind, through the heart, in the interior of the people who take their life. I experienced the suffering moments before those who take their life; I experienced what a baby feels when it is being aborted; I experienced the abuses of the human beings that are outraged; I experienced the drug addiction, prostitution.


"All sorts of sins started to pass one by one within my soul. It was a terrible wretchedness, I felt in my mind that I could not leave the house, because God had abandoned me, I was living ' the total absence of God.' Here on earth men sin and repent, but the burden of the offense that sin causes is not felt because we have the presence of God. That’s how the warning is going to be. That's why the people who have sins will be out of their minds, and the demon will be waiting, will induce them to take their life, to take them as its own spoils before the hour of mercy comes. The warning will be for those who are not with God be a terrible moment, unbearable in which they would end up placing themselves in the hands of the demon, who with its demoniac legions, will encircle the souls and accuse them of their sins in which they live and tell them that God will not forgive them. For those who are lukewarm, it will be the moment of repentance, of grace, because when they understand their error, they will ask forgiveness and will convert, and for those who are in grace, they will be filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit."

We'll take it all under advisement. Caution? Look to St. John of the Cross [above, left] for guidance. We are not overly cautious. We do try to heed mistakes in the past. Even the most devout can be deceived. We carried an article just recently about a 16th century mystic-prophet-nun who was terribly deceived. It wasn't the kind of article we like to run, focusing on a negative -- but in prudence, we must present the full reality.


Mysticism has to be considered, but accepted only cautiously (after prayer and fasting).

Another reminds us of something else: "I was praying about the coming judgments and about whether I needed to do anything more to prepare for them when the Lord began to speak this word to me. 

"'They that know Me shall not lack even in the midst of complete disaster. I shall provide for you all miraculously. You and many of My children underestimate the lengths I will go to to take care of you during this time. You all feel you must provide for yourselves. How far would you go to feed one of your children and provide shelter for them and take care of their needs? Do you really think I would do less? Did I not provide My only begotten son to provide a way to heaven for you? Why is your faith so small after all the miracles you have seen Me perform?"

"My dearest beloved daughter preparations are important for all of my followers as the warning draws closer, " says a mystic with a popular site dedicated to the "warning" and a subsequent presumed apocalypse. It is certainly dramatic. "All those believers must pray hard for the forgiveness of their sins in order to avoid the pain of Purgatory which most people in the world will experience immediately after the warning for a short time. Pray, pray for all those who will be traumatized when they see the condition of their souls when their sins are revealed to them during the Warning. They must understand that their sins must be revealed to them before they can be cleansed of all sin so they can enter into My new paradise on earth – the new era of peace, love, and happiness which each of My children must inherit."

Psalm 91:

1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.
3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee."


Practically speaking, as far as looming events, it probably doesn't hurt to study the current rating of your bank, and it's also probably not such a bad idea to invest in hard currencies. Mostly, folks don't seem quite settled with the economy (despite sporadic euphoria on the all-but-discredited stock market).


How much to believe? Despite upticks in certain economic news, are we really ready to crash?


Some believe so, and not just mystics.


Here's an example (read only if you are economically inclined) from a financial blog:


"Financial Update (December 2, 2011)


"The so-called 'trap doors' of the emerging crash are closing, and the future of the world becomes clearer by the day. This is the largest socio-economic crash in more than 1,500 years, or since the fall of the old Western Roman Empire in A.D. 476. Government entities on levels (national, provincial and local), financial institutions, and many corporations are seeing their creditworthiness downgraded on a very regular basis. Banks on my 'safe list' change as well.


"Japan was the first country to fall into a deflationary crash in 1989, and they are not done crashing. The U.S.A. followed in 1999: there was a false nominal recovery from 2002-2007, a more severe crash from 2007-2009, a very weak temporal recovery from 2009-2011 and we are now falling into a far more ferocious phase of the crash. The European Union will collapse before the U.S.A., and the collapse of the E.U. is happening right now.


"This massive crash was caused by the massive debt which has been created by the central banks of the world. The European Central Bank was established in 1998, the Federal Reserve Bank of the U.S.A. goes back to 1913, the Bank of Japan was born in 1882 and the Bank of England was founded in 1694. The U.S.A. has just four percent of the world’s population, but owes 82 percent of its debt. The European Union owes eight percent of the world’s debt, Japan owes six percent, and all 168 other countries combined owe just four percent. The collapse of the E.U. will be more than sufficient to break many governments, banks, and corporations in the West, but the eventual collapse of the U.S.A. will be the 'mother of all crashes.'


"The crash should bring the markets in Japan, Europe, and North America to the level of near-zero by 2014 to 2017. After this happens, interest rates in the U.S.A. will finally rise to a level where the U.S.A. will be forced to default – far worse than Greece is today. The situation in the U.S.A. is beyond dire, but as usual the mainstream media don’t even mention this. Short term U.S. treasuries yield just 0.02 percent today. This would merely have to rise to 0.27 percent to use all remaining annual income in the U.S.A. In other words, the U.S. would be paying interest on the national debt and nothing else. Rates won’t likely rise until the crash is complete (2014 to 2017) – but still: you can see what I mean.


"What will replace the modern central banks, the European Union, and the American Dollar as a global reserve currency? Silver but especially gold is the only true global currency. National currencies backed by gold such as the Yuan of China and Taiwan, and the Dinar of the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans will become the new worldwide reserve currencies. Switzerland will remain a safe haven, and will be joined by countries such as Singapore and New Zealand as additional safe havens. The European Union will break apart. Bankrupt countries such as Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, and Belgium will revert to their respective old national currencies and be far less affluent than they are today. Stable countries will join Germany to create a new central European regional power. These countries will likely include Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Finland and perhaps others such as Slovenia and Slovakia.  Countries not yet part of the Euro currency zone (such as Poland and the Czech Republic) remain something of a question.


"Very many countries of the former Communist world and the former Third World will become both great global powers and regional powers of the future. Global powers will include the likes of China, India, Russia and Brazil.  Regional powers will abound in many places. Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa now enjoy growth rates even higher than that of China.  Secondary powers in Asia will include countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.  Even countries below the secondary category will enjoy healthy rates of economic growth.


"In the auto industry I expect many weak companies in Europe, Japan and the USA to go under.  Strong companies such as Volkswagen, Renault-Nissan, Hyundai, Daimler and BMW are already using their strength to command very high prices for both contemporary and obsolete component parts.  The companies with the real potential to challenge them in near future include those larger firms from China (such as Shanghai Auto, Dongfeng, First Auto Works, Chana Automobile and Beijing Automotive).  Shanghai is of particular interest because they own the rights to the formerly British brands of MG, Roewe, Austin, Morris, Wolseley and Princess.  MG is already being exported from China to 31 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America.  Not all the goods made in China are of low quality, so don’t make the mistake of underestimating the Chinese.  By 2020 China will have half the global auto market, and don’t forget that countries such as India and Russia are waiting in line after China.  India is pretty much the same size as China, and Russia has huge room to grow.  And after them, there are more than 150 other 'formerly poor' countries waiting in the wings."


[resources: Sent To Earth and Tower of Light]


[Meanwhile, from the mailbag:

"Prayers given by Heaven to the Polish Prophet for before and after the 'Warning.'

1.O Most Blessed Trinity God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, we thank You for saving us and humanity from the evil spirits.
2.Our saviour Just Judge, we thank You for cleansing us and the whole of humanity, by the general confession.
3.My dearest Jesus, we beg You, for a gift of preparing us to enter to Your Kingdom.
4.My dearest Mother, our intercessor between us and Your Son, we beg You prepare Your Children to be worthy of entering to Paradise.
5.My dearest Mother, I beg You, take us and humanity to the Kingdom of The Lord Jesus and Yours.
6.My dearest Mother, we thank You for Your Motherly protection of Your Children.
7.My dearest Mother, we beg You to be our Queen and Mother in Paradise.
8.Our dearest Mother, cover us and the world with Your Holy Flame of Love.
9.My dearest Father, we beg You, send to us our Saviour.
10.O Mercy of God Most High, we fall at Your Feet, thanking You for saving us from evil.
11.My dearest Jesus, I thank You for freeing us from the snares of antichrist.
12.My dearest King, thank You for the plenitude of gifts for the life in Paradise.
13.My dearest Jesus, I beg You for a Miracle of the return of the Welsh people to You.
14.My dearest Jesus, I offer my suffering in these moments, for the day of general confession of humanity.
15.My dearest Jesus, I offer the suffering of everyone, for the day of the general confession.
16.My dearest Jesus, I beg You, may all see Your Holy Signs in the sky before Your Coming to us.
17.My Lord, I beg You accept the prayers of Angels and Your Children in Heaven, together with our prayers Your Children on earth.
18. My dearest Jesus, I beg You may man beg Your Mercy for the forgiveness of their sins.
19. My dearest Jesus surround with Your Holy Mercy, English people now and during the confession.
20. My dearest Jesus we beg You, protect us and the world from nuclear war.
21. My dearest Father I beg You, have mercy on us and on those who turned away from You.
22. My dearest Jesus, I beg You, may Your mercy surround Your every Child at the confession.
23 Blessed Mother, Immaculate Conception, intercede to Your Son for the people of[ [this special] era.
24. My dearest Jesus, our Redeemer, we beg You save Your Children, who were not with You."]

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