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We stand at the threshold of a new "uptick" in prophetic events. These events were on the way despite politics.

There is no denying, however, that a fresh new American Administration and the fresh new impetus behind abortion and human stem cell research augur poorly. Last week, President Barack Obama reinstituted U.S. funding for overseas abortions, and the Food and Drug Administration approved the first human test with embryonic stem cells for treatment of spinal injury. This is pure danger.  More recently yet, on Sunday, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- a Catholic -- said that birth control helps the economy and thus should be part of an economic recovery plan.

Was it a coincidence that less than a week after the heightened move toward abortion, contraception, and stem cells the message from the reported site of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina took on a surprisingly strident tone, saying that we "are on the wrong path" and explaining that she allegedly has been with us for such a long period of time because of it?

("I desire, little children, for each of you to fall in love with eternal life which is your future, and for all worldly things to be a help for you to draw you closer to God the Creator," says the full sequence of that unusual passage. "I am with you for this long because you are on the wrong path. Only with my help, little children, you will open your eyes.")

The embryonic tests could begin by summer, says the Geron Corporation, which will use human stem cells authorized for research by then-President George W. Bush in 2001. A little known fact is that although that president banned federal funding for creation of embryonic cells, he permitted research on those cells -- incipient human beings, humans at their tiniest -- that were already in existence. That compromise caused scientists to clamor for wider research, as reported in the lead stories in major newspapers on a date that will live in infamy: September 11, 2001.

We believe that it is related to the prediction of a new and "great" evil that was contained in an alleged locution we have called the "1990 prophecy" and implied just this: something coming that would be similar and comparable to abortion (reproductive) and yet different. Cloning and destruction of embryos (through embryonic stem-cell research) seem to fit the bill. A new and great evil is with us.

In his inaugural address, President Obama himself mentioned the expectation of "raging storms." What he may not realize is how his policies and those of his predecessor may contribute to what has been building up now for decades and will now take various heightened forms.

It brings us to today's point: that what looms in the future -- in the purification -- is likely to include events -- "storms" -- that are man-made, in the words of the Blessed Mother at another apparition site, catastrophes that will be "fashioned with human hands."

We know that events can take the form of natural disasters. We tend to focus on quakes, tsunamis, and the weather.

But what chastisements are we ourselves -- humans -- fashioning? Will the science we revere so much and that is now toiling with the tiniest of human life be turned against us? Will it start at the tiniest level?

In addition to genetically manipulating humans, scientists are  tinkering around at the microscopic and sub-microscopic level of physical reality. A recent article in the New Scientist reported a new laser detector that some believe has found "the point where space-time stops behaving like the smooth continuum Einstein described."

"Theoretical physicists have long believed that quantum effects will cause space-time to convulse wildly on the tiniest scales," said the magazine, explaining that they heard noises that sounded like their device was "being buffeted by the microscopic quantum convulsions of space-time." 

They are manipulating microbes -- germs. They are altering viruses. They are creating artificial structures that are smaller than a molecule. They are altering crops like corn. They are mixing human and animal DNA. They are filling our air with every kind of electromagnetism. Might such manipulation one day soon cause an unimagined disaster -- one that ranks with other catastrophes that men cause, such as war, terrorism, pollution, and economic collapse (which likewise, without massive conversion, loom)?

It is going to the most profound levels of physical existence and causes us to us reflect on a startling prophecy or word of knowledge given anonymously in 2004  as an addendum to the 1990 prediction.

"The world is now seriously out of conformance with the Will of God and what He created and intended," it claimed. "There are those who would reconfigure the very creatures He has formed, and who meddle with the texture of life. For this reason, the Lord will allow a huge reorientation. If not for the action of Heaven, what God has created on earth will soon be damaged beyond recovery.

"A very dramatic effect already is in progress as regards the support structures of what man calls  nature.

"Such cannot be allowed to take the final realization of total realignment when it comes to the very way elements and life forces interact. The event to come will surprise everyone who has offered a prognostication, and will show even recalcitrant scientists, though not all, that there is a fundamental alarm in Heaven over their arrogant and wayward course.

"Nothing that is artificial in a way that disrupts what God intended will be allowed to stand."

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[What is the prophetic pulse? It continues to heighten, with various inklings that are varied and at times seem extravagant or "far-out" and yet communicate the upheaval building in the world. A sampling of recent e-mail:

"Has anyone reported time slowing down?" asks Jude Christopher of Manchester, New Hampshire. "For years I have had the impression that time was going at a break-neck speed. It seemed to get faster and faster and the months whizzed by. For the past several weeks I have noticed that I seem to have more time than I anticipated. Normally I would just chalk it off to ineffective planning of my time, but that usually involves not having enough time. In the past week time is obtrusively and continuously surprising me."

"On Sunday January 18, 2009, while serving (as an acolyte) during Holy Mass, I felt the Holy Spirit impress upon my heart something to watch for," wrote another, for your discernment. "I had the strongest sense that as soon as Barack Obama is president, America will begin experiencing numerous, continual 'freak' occurrences. I did not actually 'see' what these would be, but knew undoubtedly that these freakish occurrences would be so bizarre and unexpected that all would know there has been nothing like them before. I saw an appearance of what seemed to be a black veil that covered these occurrences, as if they were meant to be strange or mysterious, but were definitely not 'holy.' The black veil also seemed to speak of spirits of darkness now released to destroy and torment."

"We live in Australia on the eastern seaboard, just a few minutes walk to the beach/ocean," added Pauline Parnell. "One night just after getting into bed, before going to sleep, I could 'see' in my mind's eye two black clouds, like the kind you would see more on a 'drawing' in a book, and they were moving or floating in the sky east of our house where I perceived them to be over the ocean.  I kept watching it unfold wondering what this was leading to, and then the clouds disappeared and next I saw what looked like 'Heaven open up' over the ocean with beautiful rays of light coming down to the ocean, from out of a dark looking sky. I am a practicing 'Traditional' Catholic, I pray the Rosary, attend Mass as much as I can, and I am devoted to the Divine Mercy and praying for conversions, and the salvation of all sinners... I have 'felt' for some time that this is an urgent need, as Our Lady has been saying in all her appearances: to pray much for sinners."

Added a man named Charlie Johnston who has allegedly had apparitions since youth, and about whom we have written: "I've been watching the site and I very much appreciate how much you do to encourage people to focus on the Eucharist, on devotion to Our Lady, on the basics that will get them Home. People are terribly lonely. When things get worse -- and then when people are credibly assured that God lives, that we are not alone -- one of the great surprises will be how joyful so many will be (including many who you would not expect). We live in terrible times, but it is also a time of great saints -- and when joy will be recovered. Ave Maria!"

"Tell My people to repent and ask for forgiveness of their sins and the glory of the Kingdom shall be theirs," was another recent locution from a viewer in South Africa who saw destruction in Washington.

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