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There's so much transpiring in the prophetic "pulse" that it is hard to track. It is equally hard to discern. It is rapid like tachycardia.

There's the economy; this has caused a tectonic shift beneath our feet, a change in landscape (the word: liquidate).

There's the election. Suddenly, a change in landscape here too, one that has caused many different emotions (hopefully not racist) to  cascade. For the first time, a white man will not be in the White House, and there will be a liberal regime similar to the Clintons'.

That has emboldened certain unfortunate elements of the left: after the election homosexuals attacked Mormon and other churches out West, trampled on an elderly woman in Florida, racially insulted blacks for voting with conservatives on gay marriage, invaded a church in Michigan (one "protester" holding a pentagram), and made numerous threats. That was not only new energy from a more friendly regime but also anger at the rejection in three states of homosexual matrimony (not by politicians, but by voters, who have more sense, it seems, than those in the judicial system).

An energy is moving more swiftly than before as there are Satanists stealing Hosts (and apparently also planting snakes, at a church in Florida); there is a new abortion militancy (chemicals tossed in the paths of pro-lifers); there are the bishops warning on an "evil new abortion law" that may be passed; there is a cardinal who belongs to the Curia and called the election "apocalyptic"; there's the rise of the new world order (expected for so long, now hastened by the economy); there's still the threat of terrorism (and still war); there's a judge who has given a final okay to gay marriage in Connecticut; and there are fires, of course -- and again, in California.

One must pose a question to Governor Schwarzenegger: can't you see the writing?

While voters in your state turned away the truly bizarre notion of homosexuals marrying, you have vowed to help them win that "right."

We start with you because you are a Catholic. Do the recent fires seem at all unusual to you? Does it not strike you as strange how every couple of months California suffers "unprecedented" fires?  Does it register that they erupt around bastions of "tolerance" and celebrity homes (in one such enclave, 111 homes burned)?

Flames sweeping over Angel Island. A few months before, an historic fire at Witch Creek.

Meanwhile, in your state, governor, a judge says the university system can deny religious credit, doctors must under law artificially inseminate lesbians, kids are bused to the "wedding" of a lesbian teacher, "techies" in Silicon Valley want to start a world religion, and a nun is arrested for selling statues of Guadalupe (street vending).

To your credit, governor, you nixed a holiday for a prominent homosexual mayor who died years ago, but the Terminator otherwise terminates no evil, not outside of the theatre.

Of what are we afraid?

That's California -- a bellwether. Remember the term "tide" and watch for a development also in the mid-Atlantic states.

Much is precipitating and this has revved the concerns in prophetic circles into what at times seem like a mild hysteria.

In Illinois, there was a stir on the day after the election when the winning lottery number was "666." (We'll discuss the spirit of anti-christ later this week.)

From Belleville, Illinois, is a reputed seer and former radio broadcaster named Charlie Johnston about whom we wrote several years back and who reminds us of his "great storm" prophecy -- that a great global conflict would erupt between those of the Judeo-Christian ethic and those who seek to wipe out that ethic after the death of John Paul II.

"As you undoubtedly know, the storm is now right on us," he now writes. "If you look to the sky you can see the black clouds with the lightning flashing inside. At Easter I was told, 'Now the hour of darkness comes upon the world. But be not afraid; the darkness will not prevail.' When I told the priests who have chronicled my writings these last 13 years, I told them the feel of it was like we were entering the night at Gethsemane, prelude to the horror of crucifixion.

"Please, as the terror comes more apparent, reassure your readers that this is an act of God's mercy -- to ' not afraid, for God calls all men to salvation.' It is not yet the end, but Lord it will seem it. Pray and stay close to the sacraments. The priests and I have joked for several years now that it sure doesn't take a prophet any more to see what I was telling them of a decade and a half ago. Perhaps one critical piece of advice as we prepare to enter the fullness of the storm: I have said from the start that our biggest problem is that we believe we are sufficient to ourselves. Before God can bring us back he must divest us of that notion. Thus, whatever people get their sense of security from, if it is not God, it will be taken from us."

Of course, it's up to you, the viewer, as to what to take from prophecy -- what to leave behind -- and what to consider seriously. Even a major pro-life leader, Father Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, of Human Life International, has warned that "an onslaught of terrorism, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes and tsunamis in the past decade" has been allowed by God due to abortion.

"Dearly beloved, I, the Lord, your God, remain always with you," says one message we're sent, for testing, for consideration. "Rely only on Me for I confer a spirit of courage upon you. Be fully clothed with power from on High. Presently, the Evil One is emboldened. All who suffer in this hour can identify with the seven times pierced Sorrowful Virgin. From Heaven your country's soil is blood-red with guilt. Now do I pour forth the empowerment of My Spirit all the more on believers who will take up the sword of the Spirit; engage in battle, and reclaim lost territory! Fear not -- this is the hour -- My hour and yours -- the hour of a call to arm the well-prepared army of the Immaculata. The Queen Mother gathers you in the abode of her Immaculate Heart. She has prayed for the Church -- so that in this trying hour her children attain victory over the evil one whose plan is now to be visible for the world to perceive. The devious cunning of his plan shall come into plain sight. Then, in plain sight, his plan shall be defeated by the intercessory army of the Immaculate One: her cardinals, bishops, priests, and faithful shall move toward this goal with renewed strength and wisdom."

In our e-mail too: "Message to littlest of servants November 10, 2008:  While in Church this morning praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament I received the following message and then a vision. I hear the word crash and then Our Lady said that our stock market would soon crash. I then saw a giant tree crashing to the ground and Our Lady said that would happen to our economic system. It would soon completely crash. Just as the giant tree once it crashes to the ground will not return so shall it be for the United States of America. Our economy will not recover from this massive crash."

This is a prophetic tenor of the times. When are predictions too dire? And when are they too specific?

Is it prophecy or fear generated by uncertainty (or both)?

"Last night, before falling asleep, I asked in prayer to be shown what will occur on the dates when Colin Powell has said there will be an emergency," says another from Texas. "I did not have to wait for a dream. Almost immediately, I saw, from an overhead view, a large ship being attacked by a missile, or possibly two. There was an enormous explosion and much smoke, too much to see the condition of the ship after the attack. Then, the word 'silkworm' was spoken loudly. This morning, I looked up that word, and found that it is an anti-ship missile. This may be how it begins."

"I fear that our nation is electing a man who is a precursor to the man of perdition who is to come," wrote Joyce Morgan. "My sense from God is this: Our nation will get what it wants... a New Age nation. We see the stock market crash and in a prophecy given to me in 1993, God said he would strike this nation in its pockets because his people are apathetic to sin; even those who are called by His Name will suffer because we failed to speak up against sin in our nation.

"It is a cold rainy day in Georgia today, 46 degrees where I live in Snellville, Georgia," added this correspondent. "I do not remember a time in the 30 years I have been here where in October it has been this cold. [With present circumstances] God's wrath will be on us; we will see nature at its wildest. There will be no global warming, but more of this cold weather, crops will not grow, the wheat will not grow, the bread basket of this nation will be struck again."

"God's taking us to the other side," says a Protestant site of prophecy, where one finds the same alarm. "America will be brought back to its original form."

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