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The mailbag:


There was quite a bit of reaction to a question we asked last week, which was: When prophecies take a long while to occur, does that mean they were premature, or in error to begin with?

It's a legitimate question at a time when so many believe they have inklings of future events.

Do they?

We have no doubt about the trends we see all around us. We are in special times. But what about specific time frames?

It has been noted that at the most prominent alleged site of apparitions, Medjugorje, in Bosnia-Hercegovina, the time-frame seems to indicate events occurring within the lifetimes of those seers (now in their forties).

Most recently it has been noted the seer Ivanka Ivankovic-Elez, who receives an annual apparition on June 25 [right, with her baby, who years ago also seemed to see something] this year said the Blessed Mother spoke to her about the tenth (and last) secret she was given.

That was intriguing because in 2005 it was a discussion of the sixth secret, in 2006 the seventh, in 2007 the eighth, and last year the ninth. Is there meaning in this?

We can say this: the seers there are joyful and anything but running for the hills. However, neither do they dismiss the serious nature of our time. What about other indications?

"Regarding your article on 'prophecies' that have not come true at the anticipated time, I am wondering about those of Father Stefano Gobbi, leader of the Marian Movement of Priests," wrote Steve Zell, an engineer from Windsor, Connecticut. "Most of his messages, reportedly from the Virgin Mary, seemed consistent with Church teaching, but he mentioned two prophecies with dates that failed to materialize. One was that there would be a great Masonic takeover in 1998, which is equal to three times 666, the Mark of the Beast (this was mentioned in Father Gobbiís message, given in 1988). Other messages announced that an 'Era of Peace' would be ushered in by the Jubilee of the year 2000, while in reality September 11, 2001, ushered in an era of conflict between the United States and part of the Muslim world.

"Strangely enough, Father Gobbi's messages ended on the last day of 1997 -- just before the first prophecies should have been fulfilled," Zell went on. "Could such prophecies from Father Gobbi still be correct, but delayed regarding the dates? What is your opinion of Father Gobbiís prophecies, in the light of hindsight up to the present?"

With all locutionists, we take what is good and leave the rest. For sure, we do not read them like Scripture.

"Then, there are the messages of Garabandal, Spain, given in the early 1960's," notes the Connecticut man. "They spoke of a future 'warning' or general 'illumination of souls,' followed within a year by a great miracle in Garabandal, at which a blind man would recover his sight, followed by a chastisement if people didnít convert. One of the four visionaries there has now died, and the blind man is now 78 years old. There were prophecies of cardinals and bishops turning against one another in the Church, which did occur to some extent. One of the visionaries also said there would be only three Popes after John XXIII, one of whom would have a short reign. John Paul I had a very short reign, but Benedict XVI is now the fourth Pope after John XXIII, and he seems to be faithfully leading the Church according to Godís Will. So what should we make of the prophecies of Garabandal? Should we dismiss them all because the prophecy about the Popes was not realized?"

It's too early to judge.

With understandable frustration Mike Fichera of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, writes, "Time and again, your books and articles say, 'for your discernment.' But itís hard, when there are so many apparitions, prophecies, and messages. If I were a seer, I would gather with my peers and spiritual directors in one room for a weekend and compare notes. There are so many and I canít keep track of who's been given the thumbs-down, who's told to stay quiet publicly, who's under investigation, and what not. Maybe those who have been given a bishop's thumbs-down should be there to tell their experience Ė and perhaps others could learn from them. If they were deceived, maybe there are patterns to the deception that others may see in their own cases?

"It is incredibly irritating to dismiss it all as being indiscernible when it seems criminal to ignore direct messages from the Divine sent to this day and age," Ficher continues. "On the other hand, it is incredibly overwhelming to wade through all the chatter and try to pick favorites. It seems very clear that the devil is in the noise, cranking up the volume."

The wind blows where it will (and we try to interpret the chimes).

One easy route: if a bishop with proper authority has ruled against an apparition, set it aside.

"I am sending you a link for an interview that was posted on Catholic Exchange," writes Christi Derr. "The man interviewed has worked with the poor for years, and is an Orthodox Catholic. He makes some sober assessments of the future of the U.S., but is filled with optimism about how we can respond to the upcoming challenges. This is not 'load your guns' and bunker-down stuff, but very practical ways we can prepare for a possible collapse of the U.S. I was so impressed with everything this man had to say.  He seems to me to be truly prophetic, and filled with Christian charity. Here is the link."


We are not running for the hills, either, but neither do we believe the economy will ever roar back to what we have known since the 1980s. Our technology will be simplified. Many events will lead up to that. What a challenging and exciting time to find oneself in prayer (and preparation)! We look for the "pulse" not just in self-proclaimed seers, but in ordinary folks.


Wrote another (following an article we had on quakes): "Rest assured that I will include all of Spirit Daily staff and family members in my prayers. Just one thing with regard to earthquakes -- I had a vivid dream some weeks ago that I was back in Southern California and the time of the day was either twilight or dawn when the ground started shaking violently underneath me. At that point, I realized that this was the big earthquake and it was happening.  I saw huge cracks develop all over the ground. The scene changed and I was in a house of a religious order (I was a member of their youth group in the past) and I saw the religious running for cover and I advised them to go underneath tables, door frames, and even positioned myself underneath a massive wooden frame in the center of the house. The dream ended, and I have asked the Holy Spirit for help in interpreting the dream; your article today struck a chord, so I had to share this dream."


Many claim to hear a strange hum or "rumbling." This is reported by secular and prophetic types alike. Others get the feeling that the U.S. is on the verge of permanent change.


"This past weekend, I attended a retreat at Saint Joseph 's Abbey [in Louisiana]," is the news in an e-mail circulating from someone who claims mystical visions. "Immaculee Ilibagiza, the Rwanda survivor (and author of a book on the Kibeho apparitions) was the main speaker. There were nearly six hundred present as we prayed the 'The Rosary of The Seven Sorrows' Friday night. As Immaculee lead us into the fourth decade, the Blessed Virgin Mary remained standing next to her, and Jesus walked among us, blessing everyone present. Then Jesus said to me:  'Little brother listen to the words of my servant very carefully this weekend, she has come to give this nation a warning at our request. Satan is working very hard to bring about a revolution in this country. A war with much civil unrest; a war between families, between political parties; a war with much hatred in the hearts of mankind. Pray that this does not happen. Only much prayer and sacrifice can change things that the enemy is preparing and planning in order to divide and conquer. Such a revolution will take many, many lives. Riots will occur everywhere; thousands will die; neighbors will turn against each other; people will kill for food in order to satisfy the hunger of their children; chaos and disorder will be everywhere. Juanito, you have seen what hatred does to people when you were in Vietnam. Martial law will rule, and this country will never recover on its own. This nation must be under God once again, otherwise it will not survive.'"


Another message from the same person (this time, supposedly, from Mary): "If my children in America fail to pray and do not turn to God now, a chastisement worst than what happened in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia will occur. Do not think that it can not happen here in America. This nation is very divided; this nation is not far from having civil unrest, a revolution. There is much hatred and distrust among you. You must forgive each other your faults and learn to love one another. The Church is nearing its persecution in America...


"Many of my children who traveled to Medjugorje and heard the messages of prayer, penance, and conversion no longer do as requested. Many have stopped praying and fasting as I have requested. Many now doubt the messages of Medjugorje because nothing has happened, and the secrets have not been revealed. My children do not realize that I, your mother, have pleaded with God to withhold His hand, to stay His wrath, His chastisements on you for the sins of the world. You have been given more time than what was given to Rwanda to change your ways. Medjugorje was given only ten years before war broke out in June of 1991. Your time is running out."


"All this prophesy about the USA and riots, death, etc. from one another," says viewer Joe Cartin. "What always comes to mind is what the stigmatist Teresa Neumann said when asked if the USA would know the type of wars that Europe had in the twentieth century. She said something like; that because of America's generosity to the rest of the world it would not know wars like other parts of the world. Rather, it would be punished through nature. I pray she's right."

Writes yet one more, Bernie Christensen: "I am  a 54-year-old wife and mother of a 12-year-old girl and a daily communicant at Holy Apostles Catholic Church in East Wenatchee, Washington.

"On Tuesday, June 16, between the hour of 6:30 and 7:00 am, sitting by myself having my first cup of coffee, with no television or any outside noise, enjoying the peace and quiet because my husband flew to North Carolina the day before --  I had a vision.

"Apocalyptic in nature.

"Saturday my daughter and I went to confession. Afterwards I asked our priest in the confessional if he was interested in listening to my vision. I canít just quickly reveal it because the most profound thing about it was the confirmation and research I did when my husband came back home later on that week from his trip to North Carolina.

"I didnít know what to do with this vision until my husband got home," says Bernie, typifying many e-mails we get. "After I received this vision I asked the Blessed Mother and the Lord for the next day or two what I should do with this insight; I asked them to give me some direction, knowing the Scripture that you donít light a lamp and put it under a bed. That is when the confirmation happened later in the week when my husband returned -- confirmation about where in the world I saw my vision play itself out at.   

"The vision is about ten seconds in length while the confirmation takes longer to work up and explain. That is why I am not going to type up a testimony.

"I will tell you this: it is confirmation for you Michael Brown and your family and to all your readers continue to prepare your self spiritually and pray for peace and conversion. Our fragile economy and market may not recover from this one. Make sure your pantry is full for at least  thirty days; after that we are on Godís good humor. Continue writing your books. I like reading them. My husband often says he will continue to work in case the world does not end. Good advice."


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[Further note: "I want to alert Spirit Daily to possible reasons for the 1990 Prophecy's mention of 'the end of our technological era,' as well as the mention of Jesus' 'greatest nemesis' being the 'science that alters life,' etcetera. A particular documentary has shown me the relatively unknown aspects of modern science that would warrant the end of our technological era. This documentary can be viewed on the following page in three parts, or at each individual part's respective webpage.

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