After Life by Michael Brown
What happens when we die? How are we judged? What's it like in Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory ? Revelations, near-death accounts, and a reawakening to what life means! A hopeful book, a serious book, one that you and loved ones won't forget as you take a look at the final destination: eternity. (Bestseller) We strongly recommend "An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory," available below for a nominal sum, as an invaluable and astonishing companion book (revelations of a nun in purgatory). CLICK HERE



by Michael H. Brown

In recent days there has been speculation that major events will unfold by 2004. The crash of a plane in New York makes the issue that much more urgent. Could it be true? Might everything climax over the next few years in rapid succession? It's possible -- although our view has always been that the huge events will occur sometime between now and the midpoint of our century and that what occurred on September 11 and now in Queens are precursors. Without conversion, much more is coming. We believe the purification that was initiated at a higher level back in the late 1980s -- when the U.S. began to be hit by quakes and unusual storms -- will take a period of time to reach its denouement. 

Thus, there may well be a high-point event or events by 2004, but we don't think it will be the end-game, just the start of a higher level.

From what we can tell, most major purifications have developed over a period of time. In the Middle Ages there were decades of storms, floods, and swerves in climate, along with earthquakes, before the culmination of that chastisement -- which came in the form of an explosive plague. The main part of that purification lasted from about 1200 to 1351, with many different events or "spikes" as well as spiritual events over that duration. 

It may be that we can expect one such spike in 2004. We believe that what is now in progress is a purification of major historical proportion and that God is in the process of breaking down and reforming our structures of society, which will take a number of spikes over a number of years or decades. 

In that context, what happened September 11 was a precursor or kickoff. We have no idea if prophetic feelings that focus on the next several years will connect with the secrets of Medjugorje -- but if so, we would speculate that those secrets will take a while to unfold (although several of them may come in very sudden succession).

But getting back to 2004: that this may be a significant date was first mentioned by Venezuelan mystic Maria Esperanza last March -- when she told us that it will be an especially difficult time up until midway through the year 2004, but that this period of distress will be followed by a time of enhanced supernatural awareness. Ukrainian mystic Josyp Terelya has speculated that by 2005 Satan's extended grip will be broken. Another prominent Catholic raised the notion of 2004. In the end, it is said, there will be a renewed earth. But how long will that take? Years? Decades? More than a century?

Esperanza didn't say. All she said was, "I feel that here on earth, like a reflection of heaven, we will have beautiful things in the future that will resemble the things of heaven. Here on earth we are going to see beautiful cities that are going to be built in a resemblance of heaven, like the coming of God's kingdom -- a new world. There will be like communities all over the world. We will live in communities. We are already beginning trials, a time of trials, and these trials will come to help people realize the importance of helping each other. People will realize that without their brothers, they cannot go on. It will start from the year 2004 on. It will be the beginning. Rivers of supernatural light are awaiting us -- surprises, beautiful surprises. Each one of us will encounter ourselves, and beautiful ideas will come to our minds, beautiful talents, and more than anything else, we will achieve the simplicity of an innocent child. And that's the most important thing: We will be able to achieve the innocence of a child."

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